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Wednesday 6th July

  • Breeze on. Breeze very on in fact. I suppose there must have been bands of wind of a good F6 coming through from fairly regularly. Quite a number of competitors - at least six I think - were out in boats with smaller sail sizes, either on the same hull or different ones. They included three of the eventual top 6.  Hmm. Kudos, on the other hand, to Ian Hamilton and crew, who elected to leave the Xenon on the beach and take their new (to them) RS400 out for their first race in it, in conditions when so many others were opting for the easier to sail boat. It was cloudy, it was gusty, it was challenging, but whilst there was a fair bit of swimming going on nearly everyone finished. Shamefully I wasn't one of them, suffering an abstruse technical issue with the Canoe which rendered it very difficult to sail... Course: it was complicatedand featured a bit of everything: beats, reaches, runs and a gybe in front of the clubhouse [grin]... Kevin said that was the only gybe needed to get round the course, but that probably wasn't true for those less adept at deep running by the lee, and certainly wasn't the case for the kite boats.

    Reaching into the start I came across a phenomenum I haven't previously encountered... heading across at double figure speeds I was more or less continuously enveloped in a cloud of spray. Fair enough, but the angle of the wind and sun combined meant that every droplet of spray was refracting a miniature image of the sun, and visibility was minimal! Rather a spectacular effect though: something to remember.

    That sets the tone for my report I fear, because I didn't see much of what was going on... Few Solo starters in what was not Solo conditions, but a reinforced Laser fleet, led off by Paul Wright Anderson with a Laser rig rather than the bigger Rooster one on his boat this week. Evan Cairns and Kevin Peterson were chasing hard, Kevin apparently little impaired in speed by using the Radial rig, which is his normal choice in Championship events anyway. From the fast start the two RS60s, Nunn and Mayhew, were immediately prominent, and making fast progress, albeit somewhat punctuated - at least on Carl's part. Also going well was Charlotte Savage (RS200), keeping signiicantly ahead of Mike Curtis, who was also in an RS200 this week for some reason:-).

    Looking at the lap charts Paul, Kevin and Evan managed to keep the RS600s behind them until the last lap, when they got up to 2nd and 3rd... Well results... Not so close this week, Paul winning by nearly a minute from Kevin, with Charlotte Savage 3rd, Evan 4th, Mike C 5th and Dave Nunn 6th.  The Personal handicap threw up some different names although Paul W/A won that as well - I'm not sure I can remember someone winning both before. Jamie Scott (Laser) took second, a very good performance in the breeze, Dave Nunn 3rd, Kevin Pearson 4th, Dave Baldwin (Laser) 5th and Will Scott rounded up the top 6 in his Topper.


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