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Wed 226

  • Wed 22/6

    Initially it looked quite windy, but not as strong as it had been for the try sailors on Tues.  In practice it started with marginal planing conditions but dropped slightly as usually happens in the evening. With lines of clouds in the sky it always looked as if there would be puffs and shifts which proved to be the case.  Evan set up a simple quadrilateral start by 1, beat to 7, reach to 5, run to 3 and slightly closer reach back to 1.  It being the nearest Wed to the longest day there was time for five laps.


    From the slow start Gareth Griffiths (solo) and Graham Potter (Albacore) had their usual close first leg with the Albacore pulling through on the reach but not pulling away quite quickly enough.  I didn’t see all the incidents but from talk afterwards the lasers had a pretty close first leg including Kevin touching the first mark. That didn’t seem to slow him down too much as he soon pulled trough to the front of the lasers. In the fast start Carl Mayhew had a rare outing back in an RS400 substiting for Mike Curtis, with Dave Nunn (600) and Mike Storey (EPS) also liking the conditions. Kevin caught Gareth quite quickly but didn’t seem able to pull away as the wind eased, Carl and Dave Nunn quickly pulled through the slower fleets followed by Mike Storey. In the scrtach results the fleets were reasonably balanced with Mike Storey (Fast) just pipping Gareth (Solo) from Carl (fast) followed by Kevin Pearson (Laser) . In the last three weeks we’ve had winners from each fleet, and again the first three were within 20 seconds on corrected time. The margins are very small.


    In the personal handicap Harry Phelps (in a Feva this week) won from Jamie Scott and John Smith with Ian Hamilton on duty which puts John Smith into Second overall squeezing past Alistair Smith whi didn’t sail this week. Ian remains well clear overall.



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