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Wednesday 25th

  • Wind force 2-3 but gradually dropping. Course initially set as 642F but changed to 752F as the wind had gone right before the start.


    For the slow start the wind was going left again so the start was very port biased for the first part of the beat the slow boats could almost fetch the mark on port. As the leg went on the wind slowly reverted to a more true beat to 7 but this and the later gradual reduction in strength probably favoured the slow start. From the off Gareth hit the port end on port at speed followed by the other Solos and the increasingly fast Xenon with Roy Poole and Chris Smith fighting it out for second Solo.

    In the lasers Evan seemed to get away quite well but by the end the front lasers were quite close to each other while in the fast start Dave Nunn quickly started to make inroads in the RS600 while the RS200s seemed to struggle.

    As the evening wore on the wind went increasingly left particularly along the far side so the reach from 7 to 5 was almost close hauled and the asymmetrics could carry, but the run also turned into a broad reach so the Xenon was able to carry without gybing and then carry again up to F. By the third lap the Xenon was pulling away from the leading Solo and the RS600 just overtook the Solo.

    Overall results showed the slow fleet doing well with the top four places ahead of Dave Nunn from the fast and Evan in the laser.

    On the personal fleet, no surprise Ian Hamilton's third place on scratch was promoted to a comfortable win ahead of the Solos of Chris Smith and Roy Poole (order reversed from the scratch result) and again Dave Nunn.


    Gareth Griffiths


    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more