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Wednesday Week three 2011

  • This is something in the way of a placeholder... The beginning of the evenings racing, saw quite a lot of rules related issues including a complex and cofusing windward mark rounding incident in the fast fleet, which will be worth writing up, but to do it properly with diagrams will have to wait. Similarly I should do a write up of the rather unusual choice of start line setup which also had spectacular rules complexities...


    After all that excitement though the race seemed, like the wind, to calm down as the evening progressed: it was down from around F3 to F1 at the end. Quite a mixed bunch at the top of the scratch fleet, Gareth Griffiths, Paul Wright-Anderson, Evan Cairns, John Magrath, Graham Potter, Paul Playle, so plenty of singlehanders. The personal handicap was similarly mixed, and *didn't* have Ian Hamilton winning: Alistair Smith, Nick Marley, Dave Baldwin, Ian Hamilton, Glen Cole, John Magrath.

    A sterling job by the duty team, aided by Mike Curtis to run the racing and get food prepared: good work Rob Clare and Lucy. Results here, more in a day or two!



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