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Eleventh Wednesday Race

  • Well, the Tour de France started this week, and to celebrate the race team set the Tour de Reservoir de l'Isle de Barn course for the race. It seemed that way at times anyway... We had I guess F2ish breeze, a nice racing breeze and a course with some long beats and broad reach come runs and a couple of shortish - in one case very short - reaches, which I shan't attempt to describe in detail! As a result, I guess, of an overcast evening with less heating of the ground than of late the breeze was rather less viciously gusty than it has been recently, although there was more than enough variation to enable you to get legs right or wrong...


    Graham Potter's Albacore took a good lead away from the slow fleet start, and he wasn't to be caught until close to the end of the race. Ian Hamiltan's Xenon followed, and Gareth Griffiths took an early lead from the Solos. In the Lasers there seemed to be plenty of action: Rob Pettit and Kevin Pearson seemed to be doing a lot of place swapping, and at one stage I only just managed to avoid a very complicated mark rounding situation with two Lasers ahead of me. Names withheld to spare blushes because I'm not entirely sure what the rights and wrongs were, but both went the wrong side of the mark, one capsized and hit it, and one witness claimed that enough penalty turns were done to make him feel dizzy! It all seemed to be conducted without too much in the way of raised voices too: most gentlemanly... In the fast Fleet Mike Curtis took an early lead and progressed steadly through to lead at the end, and Mike Storey was next for the first half of the race... Less in the way of drama amongst that class as far as I could see.


    Well results. Here you are. With the scratch series Gareth Griffiths won by a whole two corrected seconds from Mike Curtis. We've had a few very close 1sts/2nds this series, two races won by one second and one by 4... As Gareth was at the wrong side of one of the 1 second results earlier on I guess he deserved the break this time. Messrs Potter, Pearson, Storey and Pettit followed on handicap in that order. In the personal handicap Ian Hamilton won in the Xenon, Alasdair Maclean in an RS200 with ace guest crew Nicola Groves was second, 
    Dave Baldwin 3rd in a Laser, I took 4th, Paul Playle (Solo) 5th and Graham Potter 6th.


    Series wise....  Well, its hot at the top. 1.3 points separate the top 3, currently Mayhew/Curtis/Griffiths. Kevin Pearson is 4th, whilst Tom Wilson and Rob Pettit are on equal points at 5th and 6th. The personal handicap - well at the moment Alasdair (musical boats) Maclean has a bit of a lead from Paul Playle, Ian Hamilton and ClareJames, but all four are very much in contention. Dave Baldwin and John Smith aren't far away either.


    Supper: Thai Chicken. Yum! And a cool drink from the bar to round up an evening's racing. Still, if you were happier watching Big Brother with something warmed in the microwave at home who am I to mock you [much!].