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Wednesday Week three

  • Another northerly, and a bit chilly with it. Lightish breeze, but decent enough and without the generous selection of holes on the run that we had last week... The race team set a shortish quadilateral using one of the open meting marks again and we had even more laps than last week - five for the majority. This is good from the point of view of average lap scoring because it minimises the amount of time one fleet or another sepnds in different wind conditions... Its good from the point of view of folk who like plenty of mark rounding action too - I think it made for about twenty three mark roundings in around fifty minutes of racing for most folk!


    To be quite honest my observation of the race was speedily truncated by a big bang after the start and the boom falling off the mainsail... The outhaul shackle was absent - I can only assume I didn't do it up properly: how embarrassing! Both Carl Mayhew and Gareth Griffiths were seen well to the fore of their respective fleets, whereas the Lasers were much closer - in the end Rob Pettit took the class gun from John Reay with all the rest following in under four minutes. Maggie Futcher looked well placed in her Byte too.


    In the end the results showed Carl Mayhew beating Gareth Griffiths by just one second on corrected time. Yes, one second. There were getting on for two minutes clear of the others too. 3rd, 4th and 5th were the above mentioned M. et Mesdames Pettit, Futcher and Reay respectively, whilst Tom Wilson took the last of the headline places in a Solo. We have a comments system now - would anyone else like to add some more detail?


    Full results here. The personal handicap figures have been recalculated now, and look much more reasonable than they did before...