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Wednesday 12th August Last Series Race

  • Well, to be honest is was a rather lacklustre race to finish the series. Dull, overcast, and wind shifting everywhere to make a complete nonsense of the course. It also dropped, at times almost completely, so here were no end of compressive gusts on runs and goodness knows what. This did at least provide a certain amount of entertainment as boats arrived at marks with anything up tofive or six overlapped. The first lap was very reachy for the fast handicap boats - even the first leg, which had been a beat for the Solos and Lasers, was a shy reach, and Mike Curtis took full advantage and gained a handy lead over the rest of the fast handicap boats, and even got well in amongst the Solos on lap one. Mike, and to an extent the Solos got something of a wind "gate" on the second lap, with only Kevin Peasron of the Lasers keeping out of the rest of the pack which was bunched and rebunched multiple times by the wind.

    Results- well Mike won by a mile,with Tom Wilson and Peter Cotterell 2nd and 3rd in Solos. Kevin Pearson took 4th in a Laser, and 5th was a tie between Mervyn Cinnaond (Solo) and Alistair Smith (Topper), Alistair did one lap less than the rest, which did give him less of the really quiet stuff, but on the other hand he was the only competitor to get a full ration of beating in his course, otherwise he might well have placed higher...

    OK the series. As predicted last week Gareth Griffiths takes the series, with Mike Curtis and Julie Harrison second, and Peter Curtis third. In the Personal Handicap the top prize goes to Fiona and Rob Fardon, with Arthur Phillips just second from John Smith. Congratulations all.

    Next week is the fun race to round off the series. Later this week I intend to write up a summary of the series, with some thoughts, and I am also promised a "How I did it" piece from Gareth Griffiths, so check these pages out again soon...

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