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Personal Handicap Changes

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As warned, at half way through the series we've reviewed the handicaps, and have made a few changes. Not too many I don't think, but some of our estimates were a bit generous, and some a bit harsh, and so there are a few tweaks. Only one person is changing more than a single band (sorry Tom!).

Sailor New Band Change
Tom Wilson 1 -2
John Smith 2 -1
Malcolm Barnes 2 -1
P Hughes 2 -1
Alistair Smith 4 -1
Evan Cairns 2 +1
Kenneth Duffell 2 +1
Alasdair McLean 4 +1
Andy Howard 4 +1
Scott, Jamie 4 +1
Nick Marley 5 +1

Unsuprisingly this also means that the leader table in the Personal Handicap in both Wednesday and Anniversary series changes - take a look. It also means some of my commentary below is untrue, but hey, it was true at the time...