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Wednesday 10th June

  • Overcast. Southerly, a lot of cumulus type cloud cover. It looked shifty to me... Actually it wasn't too bad in that respect, but it was never especially windy: solid F1 verging on F2 I guess. There was a rather light turnout: not sure if it was football - the arch at Wembley was very visibly lit up at dusk - tube strike, or maybe a bit of both. The Laser fleet seemed especially thin on the ground with much of the top end absent. Course wise Mike Curtis set a generous length, but not the easiest to describe - beat, reach across the top, run, shorter beat, broad reach back to the start. Well that was how it started anyway - the wind went round some and made the run pretty one sided by the end.

    From the first start Graham Potter (Albacore) was predictably making good progress. Amongst the Solos the absence of Griffiths and Phillips gave Tom Wilson clearer air, which he took full advantage of, making very good progress early on. Meanwhile comedy at the fast handicap start was provided by your scribe. Slightly early for the start I thought, I'll just sink the stern of the Canoe a bit to slow down. Yep, you guessed it, I stepped off the boat with a certain amount of Bugs Bunny style arm waving as I lost my balance... With 30 seconds to the gun... So that was a good start donated to folk with little need of it... Early leaders from the fast fleet were predictably Peter Curtis (RS300) and Mike Storey (EPS), but also very much up there were new members Ken Duffell & Brian Corking in a bright red Merlin Rocket. Welcome guys...

    Come 8 o'clock the wind looked very much as if it was giving up for the evening, and Mike wisely hoisted the S flag. Graham's Albacore was in the lead, but Tom Wilson was not far away at all. Also looking well placed were Peter Curtis and Ken Duffell. On handicap Tom Wilson won by a country mile, with Peter second, Graham 3rd and Ken 4th. John Magrath and John Smith grabbed 5th and 6th in Lasers. Tom also won the Personal handicap - I think we may be about to review his handicap band as he's been in the top three every race! Luke Martin took second place in a Club Enterpise - an excellent performance - John Smith 3rd, Malcolm Barnes (Solo) 4th, John Magrath 5th and Graham Potter 6th.

    Series - well both the Scratch and Personal Handicaps look wide open. Mike Curtis leads from Peter Curtis, Gareth Griffiths and Arthur Phillips, all within two points of each other. Several others could very conceivably come into play if they can turn out more often: John Reay being an obvious candidate. Tom Wilson (handicap changes pending?) is currently leading the Personal Handicap from Alistair Smith, then John Smith and Malcolm Barnes, but its anyone's game yet...

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