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Wednesday 13th May

  • Overcast, in fact dank and dreary and threatening to drizzle...

    A lightish easterly wind, very patchy, but maybe not quite as shifty as most easterlies. Extremely patchy at times if fact... A generous amount of bias on the pin end saw most folk selecting that as the place to be. Especially selecting the pin very precisely were the Laser fleet. Rather more selected that point than there were room for in fact, which resulted in considerable animation, two guns and some hasty returns... Your correspondent was well placed to see the pin end, and in my opinion **** ****** who was at the pin should consider himself very lucky not to have been greeted with silence at the finish... Still if they didn't see you over it doesn't count!

    It was something of a bijou coursette - a shortish beat, broad reach come run and a triangle - so something of a distorted Olympic as the two beats were on separate marks. Consequently picking the shifts right was key, and geting the right patch of wind on the downwind legs - which there was rather less choice about - was also important.

    Amongst the fast boats Mike Curtis took an early and good lead, Arthur Phillips looked good amongst the Solos - in fact most of the Solos looked good - whilst the Kevin Pearson came through the Lasers well after returning at the start.

    In the end it was something of a Solo night - Arthur Phillips first, Peter Cottrell 3rd, Mervyn Cinnamond 4th. Mike Curtis took second, and Kevin Pearson was 5th. It was good to see John Reay back at the club, although as he was the other Laser pushed over the line he may not have been that convinced about the warmth of his welcome...

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