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Solo News 20 Nov 2011

  • Sun 20 Nov

    You thought that no racing meant no blog...  you were almost right.


    I can’t pick anything useful from last Sunday but I can deal with a question that came up the week before.


    Broad reach to the finish. 

    Two boats overlapped both heading for the windward end of the line.


    Q. Does the leeward boat have to give the windward boat room at the finish?


    A. Yes the finish is a mark of the course and so the usual 3 boat lengths ‘zone’ applies. If overlapped inside at three lengths then the outside boat must give you room.



    Q. On the same last leg with a very broad reach in light weather Solo is overlapping an RS200 who has the asymmetric up. The RS200 had initially gybed and is now coming up from some way to leeward and the solo is in the way. Does the Solo have to keep clear?


    A. Yes – If the RS200 established the overlap from below he has luffing rights and the Solo as windward boat simply must keep clear.  Even if the RS200 established the overlap from clear astern, as leeward boat she is only required to not sail above her proper course, and with an asymmetric that is a lot higher than the straight line the Solo would take.



    Hope that clears that one up.  Incidentally these situations are covered in the ‘Rules Quiz’  For rules around the finish see:




    If you haven’t played with the quiz it really is useful Start from

    Click anywhere in the course (not obvious that’s a button)

    The you can choose the situations based on where on the course.


    You can also click on the rules to see them, or on the quiz easy/medium/hard



    For those of you who are class association members I found Jim Hunt’s article on sail setting interesting except I don’t agree with his light airs setting. I’m hoping to chat to him and see if what he’s suggesting is particular to his sails/rig or not.  If you aren’t a member – can I again suggest that it is very good value and the first non-member who asks me can get £5 off for next year.


    Forecast is could be windy on Sunday, but looks as if the wind will drop during the day. It all depends just when the front goes through. Shouldn’t be foggy though so looks like a nice day’s racing!