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Solo News 1 June 2011

  • Not a lot to say about Sunday other than it was very windy! I was on duty and only Paul ventured out in the conditions.  I do have some video of the conditions that I hope to get up on the club site soon – some fair shots of Solo, Laser, Rs200 and Rs500 going at breakneck speed reaching and running.


    Tuesday Trysail seems to be going very well now starting to see a few Solos practicing – it really is good to see so many people learning about our sport and becoming potential future members. The Solo fleet contributes a lot to Trysail and it is really appreciated how our club members devote so much time to giving something back to the next generations – from the coaches of the juniors on Sunday afternoon to the Tues evening try-sail many hours are spent helping people discover the joys of sailing. Time well spent and greatly appreciated. It isn’t only on the water, just talking to people in the club-house, helping with registration, rigging, making tea etc. Thanks to all of you.


    Wed this week was turned into a drifter. When rigging I took same rake off my rig for the lighter weather.  Moved the mast heel back a hole and dropped the forestay a hole and eased the shrouds a hole.  Not a lot to say about the race that isn’t in the Wed blog but one thing I did notice was how poor my conventional racing flag (burgee) was. Normally I have a hawk wind indicator but I broke the last one in the gales and haven’t fitted the replacement yet. The lack of sensitivity was very apparent – my best wind indicator Wed evening was the thin cassette tape on the shrouds. That reacted for quicker and more reliably than the masthead flag, whereas I know from past experience that a masthead hawk indicator (the black ones not the smaller orange ones) will catch the smallest hint of wind.


    Forecast for Saturday and Sunday looks good, back to some wind again – hopefully not too much for everyone to sail – and some good sunshine.