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Solo News 10 Apr 2011

  • What a beautiful weekend. Clear skies and some wind on Saturday, rather less but still nicely sailable on Sunday.


    I couldn't sail due to injury but I did watch the last lap of the morning race on Sunday. Great to see CJ on the water again - now we just need to give him a map of the reservoir... (only kidding) Watching the end of the penultimate lap from 1 to F the wind seemed to be swinging a bit between a run and a broad reach on Starboard. Peter C came round 1 a couple of lengths ahead of Mervyn who was about the same ahead of CJ. Peter went high and sailed into a flat spot. Mervyn went lower and came up alongside Peter to be inside at F. CJ went even lower and would probably have caught Mervyn if he hadn't missed F heading for 9. They gallantly called him back (but old seadogs that they are) only after they had gained enough advantage... Mervyn seemed to be pulling away from Peter on the reach from F to I think 7 only for Peter to come back through and lead up the final beat. This time no mistakes down to F for a clear win. New sails clearly working well - very nice and crinkly they look too.


    Results were:

    1 Peter C

    2 Mervyn

    3 CJ

    4 Dave C

    5 Andy Turner


    Good to see Dave and Andy not that far behind the leaders and going very nicely.


    Downwind especially in light weather is largely about finding a gust and then staying in it as long as possible. Usually once you get a gust you can bear away to dead downwind and stay in the wind lane for longer. The hard part is when in front and not in a gust... do you drop to leeward (especially if that is going to be inside at the next mark) risking someone coming up on a puff and taking your wind, or do you creep to windward hoping for better boat speed and that you will find a gust to ride back down to leeward. Always tricky especially along the shore where you know the wind will be blocked by the bank if you come too close. Peter went for the point up for speed but just didn't get a gust. Mervyn and CJ got a gust from behind and rode it deep right past Peter. In light weather wind strength is usually more important than direction (and downwind strength is almost always more important). If you go twice as fast it hardly matters where you are pointing! 


    I've had the usual plea from the class association that four of you (no names) have not renewed your class membership - hopefully you will renew and the other who are not members will become members recognising the value that the association bring to the class. We are lucky to have a lot of dedicated helpers in the class association - while you don't have to be a member to gain from the association web site and message board we do like to think that you see the value and will join. On the subject of the association the class rules have been completely rewritten into the new ISAF standard. (ISAF is the International Sailing federation, the older members might remember the IYRU – same thing it changed its name in 1996). The ISAF are the body that among other things produce the Racing Rules.


    From the class association message board from Mike Ball (chairman)...

    I am very pleased to advise (as per my Announcement at the Spring Championships at Oxford) that the Rule changes voted on at the AGM last year have now been approved. This includes the revision of the Rules to ISAF format and the use of Alloy rudder stocks.

    Because this is such a change in the ways the Rules are written, the Committee have decided that each member will receive a separate copy of the new rules with the 2011 Year Book which will be published in the next few weeks.

    In the meantime please use the following link to take you to the RYA website, where the new rules are already published.

    I would like to thank Gordon Barclay, on behalf of the entire Class, for the huge amount of time and effort devoted to getting these Rules through. and also Alison for putting up with him while he did so. Gordon I hereby give you your life back!


    We have decided (well I have and Eddie is prepared to go along with it) to award 2 points for OOD within the o-league. We can't do average points because the points in one race affect the points in subsequent races but you should start to see 2 points for being on duty. (In the winter when we use low point scoring we award average points). That is now in place and on the web site. TELL ME IF YOU ARE ON DUTY. I don’t promise to spot it but I’m very happy to give the points if you let me know.


    All being well I shall collect 5215 next Friday... depending on how recovered my leg is I may do the southern championships at Bewl on sat, but more likely I’ll just be at the club on Sunday trying her out!







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