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Solo News Mar 27 2011

  • Just a short Blog this week as I’m away (US business) and was working party last week.


    Well – WINTER IS OVER (he says looking out of the window at SNOW in Boston USA).


    Time for the hibernating members to return.  The forecast for Sunday looks pleasantly warm.


    Last weekend Paul and I went to Littleton to show the flag for the club – they come to our Open so although it was working party I wanted a couple of IBRSC boats at their open. It reminded me again why I like sailing at Island barn – we might think our wind is sometimes a bit shifty, but try a small lake surrounded by trees...


    As far as the racing went at Littleton it was a chance to see if we were competitive after the winter – from my side what it showed was that I had enough raw boat speed but I have got rusty with large starts and I wasn’t good enough working the shifts up the beats. It’s very different with 26 boats on a fairly short line in a light and shifty wind. I definitely need to practice! Overall I finished 10th slightly above the middle of the large contingent of Littleton sailors but in most races I was varying between about 5 and 10 – sadly usually ending up nearer 10 as the snakes and ladders of the shifts caught me.  I would say that I was battling towards the front of the pack but never one of the stars who broke away, while Paul was similarly battling away lower down the pack. Overall quite encouraging but clearly the locals knew their pond better than we did.


    One thing they suggested for our open is to not just use a quadrilateral course but make more use the water – the quad always feels a bit as if you are just sailing round the edge.  I have to say their course was so complex I kept struggling to remember where to go – they had about 10 marks in the course... What are your thoughts – do we use the open water for longer but fewer legs or should we make the open more like our normal class races?


    A warm welcome to Quentin Andrews who joins us from the laser fleet.


    I’m away this weekend – and there are a lot of open meetings coming up so it may be a week or two before I see you all.  (I’m told my new hull has been built, now in the queue to be fitted out).