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Solo News 29 Aug

  • 29/8

    You know I think I need someone to send me details of Saturday races – this week we had nine Solos out on Sat against only two on Sunday morning (rather windy so lots stayed ashore). From the look of the results not only was there a great turnout, but the race was really close with just four seconds between first and third solo.


    Sunday for me was not good as I pulled the bow fitting out at the start.  However I was able to save the rig – sailing gently back with no forestay despite there being a decent wind blowing – and re-fit with larger screws so I could take to the water for the back to backs when Peter Halliday joined in. Since I only sailed the B2B I’ll just mention that Peter and Paul had really close races in the B2B.  Gareth ahead in both with Peter second and Paul 17 seconds behind in the first, but the order reversed with Paul just 5 seconds ahead of Peter in the second.


    Overall in the Sun series with very few points gained this week Mervyn stays ahead from Paul and Gareth, while on Saturday although the Solos have 6 of the top 9 places it’s still Simon Bean’s laser out in front.


    So, this week’s top tip...

    How easily can you reproduce the settings on your boat? Do you just pull the strings until they ‘feel’ right, or do you have some way to record where you set things in different wind conditions?


    I don’t have everything recorded, and I’m interested in ideas for the parts I don’t.


    I used to keep a diary of settings, but I confess these days I am not as well organised, but I do like to be able to reproduce settings.


    Mast heel – I have a light, medium and strong wind position – easily marked (lines on hog to show which hole for the pin).

    Centreboard – I have Light weather (leading edge 5 degree forward), Leading edge vertical,  Trailing edge vertical marked.

    I have a chart for shroud and forestay holes for light, medium, strong, and very strong

    I don’t have a clear kicker marking, which I would like – offwind I look at the sail shape and tell-tales but I’d like to reproduce setting better. (Upwind I just take up the slack).

    Mainsheet I don’t have any marker – again I probably should have a reference point.

    Traveller is pretty visible so no extra marks needed although I’m thinking about putting some marks on the thwart.

    Outhaul, I do have marks on the outer end of the boom, but mostly I look at the shape of the foot rather than rigid settings

    Cunningham, no markers – look at sail and feel if overpowered.


    So, thought for the week – how well can you reproduce the settings of everything, and do you record how you set things in different winds and how well the boat goes.  


    See you Sunday





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