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Solo News 31 Oct

  • Welcome to our newer members and welcome back Tony.  As I wasn’t there this week due to the after effects of some sort flu-like bug I’m indebted to our trusty bar tender  for the race comments. I expect to be back on Sunday..




    5071      Malcolm Barnes

    4647      Mike Lipscombe

    4753      Tony Penfold

    3457      Mervyn Cinnamond

    4173      Dave Lawton

    4073      Peter Cottrell

    2701      Ben Jones

    1802      Richard Barker


    Eddie writes:

     A good turnout on a not so good day.  Dull grey sky and surroundings with gently falling wet stuff.    Wind a very gentle 5mph or less at times, north to east. As I arrived at the club, Tony Penfold was about to hoist his boat up the ramp, so like a good bar manager,  I managed to load a crate of beer in his boat for a free hop to the top.  Thank you Tone.

    He did make the line just in time.

    From what I could see from the clubhouse Malcolm made a leap for the line and stayed there for the rest of the race.  There was movement within the lower orders with places changing as the conditions dictated.  Tony eased into second but was snatched away by Mike's superior sailing to windward. The rest of the race was a bit tedious and follow my leader stuff.

    Event of the day was a spectacular capsize by a two handed boat in the middle of their fleet.  This riveting demonstration of the awesome power of a 5mph wind had all in  the clubhouse agog .  Enquiring of the helmsman after the race he said the wind was a bit lumpy there ! [ you know who you are ]


    I gather that there was some controversy in other fleets over which way to round a mark but the Solo fleet seems to have managed without such issues.

    Just a reminder for our newer members – on the Second week of each month we will have an ‘open day’ which means we welcome visitors and we get a separate start in the Back to Back races. This forms a 5 day (once a month for 5 months) mini series of 15 races. We still extract the regular club class results from the morning race, but all three races count towards the mini-series (15 races in all, 60% rounded down if necessary to count).  The winter format which should have been fairly widely published is:

    Week 1 – Pursuit (Class results extracted) + 2 * Back to Back handicap races (handicap pm series)

    Week 2 – Solo Open day – Regular Class race am (Club boats count to club series, all count to Open series) ,
                    + 2 * Back to Back (results count to both Solo mini-series and pm handicap)

    Week 3 – RS200 Open day – Regular Class race am + 2 * Back to Back handicap races (handicap pm series but RS200’s get their own start)

    Week 4 – Topper/Feva Open - Regular Class race am + 2 * Back to Back handicap races (handicap pm series but Topper/Feva get their own start)


    Week 5 if there is one, Regular Class race am + 2 * Back to Back handicap races (handicap pm series)


    So the back to Back races always count towards the club pm handicap series, but on our Open days they also count to our Open series.


    Eight boats last week – can we start making double figures again soon... I think we should be able to weather permitting as we were missing several ‘regulars’ last week. I think this winter series should give some great racing.