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Solo News 20 June

  • I had family commitments this week but wonderful to see eleven Solos on the water.


    Eddie reports...

    Sundays results as follows
    3457    Mervyn Cinnamond 3365    Frank Beanland
    2701    David Thorpe
    4173    Dave Lawton
    4647    Mike Lipscombe
    3861    Dave Clark
    3142    Peter Renn
    2713    Glen Cole  [ club boat ]
    4071    Peter Halliday

    5046    Paul Playle  - Retired - Gear failure
    3325    Lorraine Lynch  -  Retired - capsized

    A good turnout on a gusty day.  Wind reported to be all over the place.  Caught out a few Solos and other class boats as well.  Alec went out for a jolly but the conditions got the better of him.  Peter Cottrell's lame excuse for not going out is that it was father's day !  Mine is that I changed both trolley wheels as the originals were perished.


    At home it was a bit cold and breezy first thing so I expect it was the same on the reservoir. With the O-League scoring eleven boats means that meant lots of points are on offer and with the top three either not sailing (Gareth and Malcolm) or being forced to retire with gear failure (Paul) the overall situation has closed up a lot. Gareth is still ahead on 42 with Paul second on 36 but it is now ever so close for third with Mervyn romping up the field now tied on 31 points with Malcolm and Frank with Dave Lawton (29) and Dave Clark (27) not far behind.


    Full results on the web site (including an explanation of the O-League system).


    I shall miss next week as well (away on business) so I think the series could be extremely close by the end.


    Not that long now to our Open meeting (July10) where I hope we can all turn out, even if doing all three races is too much it would be good to show our full strength. I think we will do one race in the morning, then have lunch and do the last two races back to back. That means that if you only plan to do two races you get a nice break after the first to recover. Our friends in the laser fleet are getting organised and I anticipate a great meeting. For those of you who have never done an open meeting, don't be put off. It's just a race with a few more boats which means there are more people to sail against and watch to see what they are all doing. It's a bit more intense at the front, but further down the fleet it just gives a chance to have more company and boats to compete with.


    If you plan to do the  ‘Can sail, Can’t race’ training on Saturday and I have not replied to you please reply to this email (different email address) in case I’m having email issues at home. There are still a few places left. To remind you it will start at 10:00 Sat 26th – when you should be rigged ready to launch. I plan to unlock the club at about 9:00. We will incorporate at least one of the regular club Sat races within the training to see if you can put into practice all we have learned during the day.






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