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Solo News 9 May


    9 May
    Lots to talk about this week…
    Firstly if you haven’t been to the club recently you will find that we have had to move ALL the upper berth Solos to make sure they are not sticking out over the tie down wires because the water works are using a large digger to scrape the bank clean. What we have done is mostly to turn the boats round so they are in the spaces bow first, in most cases bow sticking out over the fence. It is a lot harder getting the boats in and out but with two people it is OK. Many thanks to all the regulars who have done a sterling job moving everything. If you haven’t come down recently now would be a good time to check your boat and have a sail!
    I’m pleased that we are getting several boats out on Saturday afternoons for what has always been a less intense race, and a great time to just sail for fun and practice. Tues evenings are going well with Malcolm running the beginners. I’m trying to get down most weeks to do some coaching for the newcomers. I’m doing the series results for Sat – if you do the series and are on duty let me know so I can give you OOD (average) points.
    Last Sunday I decided to go to the Open meeting at Wraysbury rather than sailing the club race.  It certainly made me more aware than ever how lucky we are to have a raised reservoir where the wind is not blocked by trees and you don’t have to decide which side of islands to sail - do you go for the larger wind shadow but straighter route one side or the longer but more wind the other side – with a very variable wind it was rather frustrating, but clearly there is a technique as the same person won all the races. Clearly my technique was lacking as I was solidly mid fleet – I don’t think my boat speed was bad but my gravel pit technique was definitely rusty!
    I know I keep banging on about wind indicators, but Tues evening there was almost no wind for most of the time, just a zephyr from the NW. Very hard to tell which way the wind was shifting without a good racing flag (or wind indicator) and with no wools on the shrouds. (I was in a club boat). I will replace the racing flags on the club boats! The sail tell tales and watching the water were really my only possibilities. Normally in light weather you have wind indicator (mast head), sail tell tales (make sure they are very light material), sail leech streamers, shroud wools, and watching the water – don’t forget if there are other boats near you can look at their wind indicators and how they are sailing – often you get some advance warning of a shift that way.
    Wed evenings are up and running – with fresh cooked hot food wed evening getting back to its best. Friendly competitive sailing followed by hot food and Island Barn bar prices. I was struck by an article on Chew Valley’s web site – they had just stated their Wed evening series and had 80+ boats out. We have some way to go to that, but historically we used to get 40 boats.

    Results-wise on Sunday Tom took the honours from Malcolm and Paul which means that Malcolm moves back into the lead, but with the Ostro scoring you can catch up really quickly as Tom is doing.


    See you on the water!




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