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Solo News 24 Jan


    Thanks to Mervyn and Eddie for the results and write-up
    4048      Arthur Philips
    3365      Frank Beanland
    3457      Mervyn Cinnamond
    4073      Peter Cottrell
    4647      Mike Lipscombe
    5071      Malcolm Barnes
    3861      Dave Clark
    2042      Chris Smith
    Eight boats on the line. Frank thwarted Arthur's port end start but that didn't stop him being first round the Windward mark. He was followed by Dave C and Chris S last round this mark was Frank (Arthurs prayers were answered).
    Start of the 2nd lap Arthur had pulled well clear of the chasing pack who were now led by Mervyn there were quite a number of place swapping during this lap and some quite nice wind shifts - great if you were in the right place at the right time.
    At the last mark it got a bit congested with all seven boats vying for positions Frank got water on Mervyn and Malcolm and slipped through and led the way to the finish.
    Sorry to have missed it, I had to take my son to the airport and had promised to accompany my wife on (most of) a 20 mile walk. I joined her when I got back from the airport so I only did about 15 miles. I can report that I am just (wed) no longer feeling stiff – sailing is much easier!
    From the write-up it sounds like a close race – sometimes you have to be planning what will happen at the next mark from a long way out – it also pays to watch where Frank is finding a puff of wind from – he’s good at that. This brings me to my main point – especially in light weather, but really all the time you have to be aware of a lot that is happening away from your boat. Sailing your boat quickly has to become second nature because ma lot of your attention is on what the wind is doing elsewhere and what you think it might do where you are next (or where you want to go to take advantage of the next shift). If you’re behind going up a beat you can watch the boats in front to predict shifts. If you are in the lead it is harder because you have to watch the water for signs of stronger wind or shifts. Downwind you have to watch behind to see what’s coming.
    See you Sunday

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