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Solo News 8 Nov


    1.  4071 Peter Halliday
    2.  4073 Peter Cottrell
    3.  4048 Arthur Phillips
    4.  5071 Malcolm Barnes
    5.  4647 Mike Lipscombe
    6.  3365 Frank Beanland
    7.  4173 Dave Lawton
    8.  3457 Mervyn Cinnamond
    9.  3649 Robin Pryke
    10. 2173 Andy Ford
    11. 3142 Peter Renn
    OOD Gareth
    If you are on duty please let me know each week so I can give you your average points. If you don't ask and I don't spot you you don't get the points! If I have missed you it is easy to update so let me know if you are due some points.
    The results are posted on the web site. Apologies if anyone was looking last night when they changed about 5 times as I was wrestling with sailwave. I think I have it cracked now.
    Great turnout on a  lovely sailing day. Well done Peter Halliday – good start, good first beat and never looked back. Peter Cottrell got close right at the end but Peter H kept his place, and then went on to do the same in the first of the back to back races. From the committee boat I could see close races all the way down to 9th with Andy Ford having to use a club boat not far behind and Peter Renn just a bit further back. (Andy – have you thought about using your own sail on a club boat while your boat is being mended?) We could do with some more of the newcomers to give Peter some company, but great job completing all three races without being all that far behind. 11 Solos and 42 boats on the water for the morning race. Arthur recovered from a horrible start (I think he was locked out at the port end with someone else) slowly creeping up the fleet to finish third just pipping Malcolm who had been threatening Peter H and Peter C all race.
    Malcolm's shiny new boat looks very good, I think he was gradually getting quicker - the second B2B he was first Solo - what’s more he was still out practicing well after the second B2B. It's surprising how much different a new or different boat can feel so it bodes well for the series to have another boat battling at the front of the fleet.
    I've got a couple of observations from the committee boat this week. The angle of the last tack can be crucial. Mike Lipscombe slipped past Frank right at the end just on the angle of the line. On a true beat Frank would have still been ahead but Mike spotted that the finish line was slightly biased (blame me for that) and tacked for the starboard end. Frank tacked a bit later heading for the middle of the line and Mike crossed ahead by about a second.
    The other observation was that the Solo start was almost as competitive as the RS200s - great job - most boats were really close to the line and going well. Really looked good - the first six of you all crossed the line within the first few seconds.
    Next week is the first of our mini 'Open Series' third Sunday of every month. If you can't make it every week try to be here for the third Sunday each month. The RS200s had twelve boats on the water in their race, with three visitors - we have eleven club sailors this week. We aren't expecting a lot of visitors, but we would like to put on a good show. I really don't know who will turn up, but remember your club result still counts - any visiting hot-shots don't count for the club series, only the mini-series. 
    The other thing I want to remind everyone about is the value of joining the Class Association. If you haven’t joined this year, but join now for next year you get the autumn magazine and 2009 yearbook as well. For membership you get three magazines a year as well as helping to fund the class and being allowed to enter major championships. Some clubs insist on class membership - we don't but I encourage everyone to join. There is an active message board on the class site as well as it being a good place to buy and sell boats and generally get extra class knowledge. You'll find lots of people who will answer almost any question (though I would suggest you ask in our fleet first).
    By the way, has anyone tried responding to any of my blog posts on the club site – you should be able to.
    I said that in winter I wear a long john wet suit with extra wet suit shorts and a splash top and wondered what others use. Tony Penfold says “I now find a dry suit ideal not least because it keeps your feet dry and warm..” What does everyone else use?

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