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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Here are the things that our visitors ask most often.

    • Do you have club boats?sailing a rs feva at island barn reservoir sailing club
      Yes - we have club boats for use by members; RS Visions are our main teaching and hire boats along with Picos, Lasers, RS200s, RS Fevas, Toppers and Oppies. We don't hire dinghies to non-members for organisational and financial reasons. 

    • Are there any limits on what can be sailed at Island Barn?
      Not many, but basically the facilities aren't suitable for twin trapeze, very heavy or wide boats.

    • Can I learn to sail at the sailing club?
      Yes, we a an RYA recognised training centre.  We offer courses for begginers and for those wanting to improve thier sailing and racing techniques.  We run courses  for adults and juniors during the summer months, including school holiday camps.  In the winter we run race coaching for the most hardy of youth sailors.

    • What is the standard of racing like?
      At the front of the fleet, pretty high - you'll see IBRSC sailors high up in the results on many of the travellers and European circuits, and we can also boast a world champion or two. But fear not, there's plenty of room at the back of the fleet, and we're not aggressive racers. So whatever your standard, there's sailing to match at IBRSC.

    • I don't fancy racing - can I cruise?
      Yes, of course, any time the club is open - all we ask is that you keep clear of the racers, there's plenty of room. We run many social events on the water for non-racers, the most popular being our Friendly Fridays (summer Friday Evenings with sailing, food and beautiful sunsets)

    • What about windsurfing?windsurfing at isalnd barn reservoir sailing club
      You are welcome. IBRSC is not, to be honest, a short board venue - it is not often that windy. (Although it does happen...) But for long boards, it's excellent, and you won't find cheaper.

    • Can I do canoeing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP)?
      Yes, we encourage members to make the most of the water.  In recent years Stand Up Paddleboards have become very popular on the reservoir, we have been able to arrange lessons and even SUP Yoga.  

    • Is there waterskiing or swimming?
      For safety reasons we do not allow waterskiing or (deliberate!) swimming on the reservoir.  For members wanting to drive powerboats we run globally recognised courses (RYA Powerboat 2 and RYA Safety Boat).  However, all motorised boating is for safety and teaching purposes only. 

    • What about water levels?
      Island Barn is a live reservoir, but it is at the end of Thames Water's supply chain, so generally we don't have a problem when bigger reservoirs are empty. Of course it is all under Thames Water's control, but we are set up to cope with varying water levels and we haven't had problems in quite a while.

    • Sup Club at IBRSCCan I bring a guest?
      You may bring a guest sailor along up to six times in one year. (They must have suitable insurance cover and are not allowed to sail the club boats unless there is an IBRSC member helming). Non-sailing guests are welcome at any time; please also sign them in.

    • Is there space for my trailer? I don't want it cluttering up the drive.
      Yes, there's a trailer park at the end of the car park, we charge a token fee per year. Please label your trailer and do not lock it to the fence - a hitch lock provides all the security you need while still allowing us to move the trailer if required.

    • What happened to 'Walton-on-Thames SC'?
      It's the same club! Tradition is a wonderful thing, and we were loathed to lose 25 years of history by a name change. But we need members and visitors, and we found that we were losing lots of potential members who assumed we were on the river, and preferred a different kind of sailing area. Also, each time we held an Open there were lots of confused owners driving round Walton! (We're only three miles away). So we changed the name, following a discussion at the AGM, to reflect where and what we are. You will still hear longer standing members talking about 'WOTSC'.