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Solo News 4 Oct 2009


    I was otherwise engaged this weekend (my daughter is now married) but Eddie describes the action.
    3457   Mervyn Cinnamond
    3604   Dave Strachan
    4647   Mike Lipscombe
    4073   Peter Cottrell
    3365   Frank Beanland
    4173   Dave Lawton
    3649   Robin Pryke
    4252   Alec Adams
    Turnout 8
    What a difference a day makes. Blowing great guns for yesterdays Laser open with many capsizes throughout the day and then on Sunday the Sun had got his hat on and had come out to play [hip hip hurray] A gentle force 2 to 3 and warm in the glorious sunshine
    Merv had a very good start so got away from the fleet early on building up a lead of about a hundred yards [metres for the youngsters who think metric]  Slowly but surely the chasing Lasers reeled him in being passed by our illustrious commodore half a lap  before the final hooter. Merv finished third overall in the pursuit which goes to show getting away at the start pays dividends allowing you to sail your own race without interference.
    Well done Merv and well done everybody on a splendid day.
    My thanks to all who helped run the Laser Open on Saturday – sounds as if the safety crews had a busy day.
    A reminder that I will be running a coaching/race training session on the 11th after the back to backs (aim to start at about 2pm as soon as I’ve had a sandwich). Format will be similar to the previous sessions. Aim to have boats rigged ready to hoist and launch for 2pm. All welcome, this is aimed mostly at novices – if any of the more experienced team want to join in / help coach you will be welcome. (Please let me know)
    If you can have your boats on the Solo pontoon it will help so we can review sail settings and rigging. Make sure you have a good wind indicator – either a traditional racing flag (sometimes incorrectly called a burgee) or a wind indicator, and tell tales (bits of wool or ribbon on your sails – about 6” back from the front of a jib or 12” back from the front of a Solo sail, and ideally short ribbons or wool on the top few batten pockets. We’ll use these to see the wind flow over the sail.
    We will start in the clubhouse for a quick rules clinic (run through the basics) and a few things to concentrate on. Then depending on the wind we’ll look at boat set-up and get sailing, aiming to practice starts and very short windward leeward courses. The aim is to practice timing a start, efficient sailing upwind and mark rounding because that’s where most newcomers find they lose a lot of ground.
    I’ll also probably show some video clips from the last training. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we’ll re-plan on the day.