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Solo News 14909


    Not so much to report this week except a rare sighting of our results scribe and bar tender on the water.
    1 Gareth
    2 Mervyn
    DNF Frank and Eddie
    Numbers seem to be hitting a late summer low with a few people taking advantage of a holiday before the winter but after the schools have gone back.  
    Race report
    Somewhat variable northerly wind gave us a beat to 1, run/broad reach to 7, beat to 9, short reach to F and then another reach cum run to 5. The first beat was really close as the closer you got to 1 the more shifty the wind came. Half way up the leg I thought I was fairly clear from Mervyn and then Frank.  I should have known better. As I concentrated on trying (and trying it was) to make that last 100 yards to mark one with the wind gyrating as it came over the bank and keeping an eye on Mervyn who had closed right up on a good shift there of course was Frank who had somehow slid past Mervyn in the shifts and was right on my tail. We caught the back end of the laser fleet fairly quickly but for once we didn’t seem to get past too many. I got a reasonably good run down to 7 – had a few ‘interesting’ wobbles – kicker slack and plate right up is fast on a run in light winds, but decidedly unstable when you get a decent gust, especially if that gust goes slightly more dead downwind or by the lee.  The boat become very unstable trying to come over on top of you – the remedy is (in order) plate back down a bit (so you can steer), hold the boat straight with the rudder (not too much, just stop it bearing away) and sheet in quickly. All three have to be done almost at the same time as a reflex reaction, delay is fatal. If it keeps happening tighten the kicker a bit to stop the top of the sail over twisting, but too much kicker is slow. I spent the rest of the race alternately going past and then being overtaken by John Smith in his laser. Behind I could see Mervyn had pulled clear in second. Not sure what happened to Frank, but Eddie decided that the bar had an urgent need of attention (he claims his knee gave out) after a couple of laps.The overall results are on the web site (as are these blogs) – thanks Nick. With the Ostro scoring there is still time for people to catch up as I only score points for beating Peter now. It’s very close between Peter and Mervyn – I think it just depends who’s fit for the last couple of races and how many boats turn out. The big event next week is the anniversary pursuit, after that we’re will be waiting to see Malcolm’s new boat.
    The bigger news is that next week is our Anniversary Pursuit. Arthur has sorted out a ‘younger’ Solo team – if we have enough seniors on the day I’d like to have a senior team to give them some competition. You can sort entries on the day. Four boats to a team.

    If you decide not to race, come along and watch (and help). It should be a good day.  
    Weather permitting, I plan to do some coaching on the last two weekends before the working party.  That would be the 11th and 18th Oct.  This is aimed mainly at the newer sailors, but everyone is welcome. The idea will be to do a short rules clinic, do some basic boat setup checks followed by short race training/on the water coaching. For those of you who did my race training earlier in the summer this will be similar but slightly more Solo specific in boat setup. This will be at about 2pm (or as soon as the B2B races finish and I grab a sandwich). We’ll start from the Solo pontoons so we can check boat setup.  Please let me know if you plan to come. (I’ll probably open it up to non-Solo because most of things apply to any boat but the boat setup section will Solo specific). For those of you who are not full members – the winter form membership form will be on the web site very soon – I believe this year’s rate is £59 including a berth for a single hander - it represents great value and we welcome the extra competition - hope to see you again soon.