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Solo News 09062009

  • Greetings from Chicago! Just a short note this week as I'm away on business - had to fly out Sunday.

    Eddie writes...

    4048    Arthur Philips
    4073    Peter Cottrell
    4647    Mike Lipscombe
    3142    Malcolm Barnes
    3861    Dave Clark
    2052    Andy Ford

    6 starters but should have been 7 as Glen ran out of wind at the pontoon so never made the start line.As you can tell the wind was notable by its absence.  Another drifter from start to finish.  Arthur got away from the fleet at the start to build a commanding lead,  but due to the conditions he sailed into a complete vacuum and was overhauled [ very slowly ] by Peter and Mike.  Fortunately you can't keep a good sailor down and he worked his way back into the lead.  Well done all for sticking with it.Not a day for spectators as I can vouch for.Looks as if I didn't miss much.  The forecast for Wed looks better - rain in the afternoon but drying out for the evening with a gentle SW (6 mph).  I'll still be a long way away in Chicago but I will be back home for the weekend. I haven't decided yet whether to do the Papercourt Open meeting or come down to the club.  I had planned to do Papercourt but it depends how tired I feel.  Is anyone else going (Malcolm? Arthur? Peter H?). It's now only a month to our own Open - let's see if we can have a record turnout for our own Open.