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Solo News 29 Jan


    Another full weekend of instructor training for Paul and I, but nonetheless enjoyable and new things to learn.


    Although it was slightly frustrating to have to do the whole course again (my instructors certificate had lapsed by far too many years) there's always new things to learn. I'm afraid the single hander section of the training did rather reinforce my view that lasers are uncomfortable and small. There's just nowhere to sit that doesn't involve a cramped position which my knees object to. Give be a comfortable Solo every time! However sailing lasers standing on the foredeck like a windsurfer steering by balance did look rather fun - sadly I was doing a different task at that point! That's the thing about instructing, you need to not just know how to sail but hopefully a lot more skills than just the basic sailing. There's ALWAYS more to learn. 


    I always like good quotes: (T S Elliot)  "Only those who go risk going too far can possible find out how far one can go" - That's probably why I get wet sometimes.... or "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" (C S Lewis). I think both of those apply really well to our fleet.


    Well - I may not have been participating but I did see some of the race (got told off for not paying attention to the course a few times...).  

    Results were:

    1.      Mike L

    2.      Roy

    3.      Peter C

    4.      Tony

    5.      Mervyn

    6.      Dave C


    ...but that doesn't tell the whole story.  From what I could see early on Dave C was right up near the front while Roy was right at the back so there must have been a lot of place changes during the race. Mike L though did seem to be very consistent, sometimes a bit further ahead sometimes a bit closer but he was never caught and pulled away as the race went on. Finding patches of wind and then managing to stay in them for as long as possible seemed to be the order of the day. Watching the wind in the clubhouse it varied from 1 mph to 5 mph. That shows why finding a patch matters - you could have five times the wind - that's far more important than anything else, so it's really eyes out of the boat. Awareness of what's happening around you - looking at patches of wind, looking at other boats in other fleets to see what's coming next and how to get into it first. 


    I gather there's some confusion over the RS200 open meeting on the 17 march.  This is their annual open meeting - because we now have three main fleets (RS200, Laser and Solo) we're doing a small change in who runs which open. We will be running the RS200’s open, The Lasers will be running ours and the RS200s will be running the Laser's open. So we still run one open and have one open.


    As Sailing Sec (and please copy Paul as new sailing sec designate) we'd like to know how you found the weekend. We're keen to attract members - having a Topper Open meeting is a good way to get more people to see our club, and many remarked how friendly we are. However we don't want to lose too many days of club sailing - because this was a two day event (training Saturday, open on Sunday) we couldn't just use a Saturday so the Sailing Committee took the view that we'd rather not lose a whole Sunday's sailing.  Similarly for the smaller Saturday open meetings (Phantom and Feva) we're going to have club racing and regular Saturday sailing still running. We do want to encourage the emerging fleets - the more members we can gain the few duties we'll have to do and the better we will be able to afford new facilities. I thought Sunday worked well although with that number of toppers we could have used a few more helpers. (If we hadn't had key people doing the dinghy instructors course as well we would have more helpers, but we didn't have much choice over the dates).  How did you find it? Are there things we could do to make the day run even smoother?  As far as I could see the club race worked just as well as usual although perhaps some legs were a bit shorter. The extra hot food choice with the open meeting team to me was a major bonus.  I think the shore team seemed a bit stretched so we probably need to make sure the team is a bit larger.



    Forecast for Sunday looks a bit chilly but I’m looking at two different forecasts one showing winds North the other wind South so I think there is still quite a bit of uncertainty!


    Remember it’s the AGM after racing so this is a great time to discuss how you would like to see the club develop.



    See you Sunday








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