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Bloody Mary IBRSC Results

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What another great turn out at the 40th Bloody Mary Race at Queen Mary Sailing Club with 341 entires.  In the days leading up to the race the mood was somewhat nervous with a forecast of 16-29 Knots of wind with a wind chill of -3C, That would have been challenging for a 2.5 hour race!  However, on Friday afternoon as some of us took our boats up to the sailing club the wind was barely blowing 1 Knot... Surely the Saturday forecast couldn't be right?

Saturday arrived and I spotted 11 boats from Island Barn around the dinghy park so promptly did the decent thing of capturing them on my iPhone and posting the pictures to the club's Facebook page. The wind had got up some but not to the earlier forecast, it was to be a race in about 12 knots of wind with some (very) cold easterly gusts mingled with the occasional quiet patches.

This seems to have been a fast boat and particularly a Moth year, despite the additional 6 minutes added to tier starting time, with the first 4 over the line being Moths and the rest of the top 10 having trapezes.

Although this year saw a little more controversy with the first placed Moth of Jason Belben saw his result disqualified after a protest. So the Winner of the Bloody Mary was Rob Greenhalgh from Stokes Bay Sailing Club in an International Moth.

However the RS200 fleet didn't avoid the controversy either; it seemed to have had a good day for being over the line.  Of the 20 RS200's 8 missed the general recall (having now sailed a few RS200 events the starts are always very competitive so we are not unknown for failing to get away cleanly).  I spotted the recall after rounding the second mark so totally lost my position. Well, commiseration to our folks that didn't hear or see the flags, they had plenty of company.

A final mention must go to the volunteers at QMSC who worked from dusk to dawn in the freezing conditions and made the day a great event.

The Y&Y report and full results are here. There are a couple of photos, but I couldn't identify any of our boats in them.



6th Topper, 7th Lady

Nancy Scott


2nd Phantom

Nick Mason


5th Solo

Paul Playle


1st (and only!) Laser EPS

Mike Storey


12th Laser Radial

Will Scott


8th Fireball

Dave Ryder

Michelle Ryder


10th RS 200

Julie Harrison

Tim Chandler


12th RS 400

Ian Hamilton

Douglas Clow


12th RS 200

Nick Marley

Clare Cork


RS 200

Dicken Maclean

Hannah Young



Clare James

Lucy Gibson


RS 200

Xavier O-villien

Felicia Green

Rob Cage was 38th and 2nd Laser Radial

Bloody mary 2013 - Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club.JPGIMG_2567.JPGIMG_2569.JPGIMG_2570.JPGIMG_2571.JPGIMG_2572.JPGIMG_2573.JPGIMG_2574.JPGIMG_2576.JPGIMG_2577.JPGIMG_2578.JPGIMG_2580.JPG