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Welcome To the Winter Series


    Welcome to the Winter series…


    They even had snow in parts of the country... We just had the most amazing mix of conditions. When I got to the club it was pouring with some thunder and lightning and blowing hard from the east. I suspect this put a lot of people off who looked out the window heard the wind and rain and went back to sleep. However the forecast was unusual – we had several on display in the club showing all four major points of the compass within 12 hours. Come launch time for the Pursuit the wind had dwindled to force 1 from and the sun had come out. The met office showed E going N going W. Some of the other forecasts had E going S going W. It was like the eye of the hurricane passing over and just depended if it went just North of us or just South. The pursuit started in sunshine and force 1 East or NE, which dwindled to flat calm with odd small puffs from almost any direction before finally filling in from the West for the last 10 minutes. By the time we finished it was a lovely force three westerly.


    During the short beak the wind continued to rise so we had a cold near gale Westerly by the time the pm races started. A time for spectacular planning reaches and (one or two) unplanned buoyancy tests. What a day of contrasts. It might not have been hurricane Sandy, but it was definitely the centre passing right over us.


    Now that we’ve started the winter with the pursuit this week we’re back to regular class races except you potentially have an extra ½ hour in bed

    This week is Remembrance Sunday so we will observe our traditional two minute silence at 11:00

    The morning races will start as soon as practicable after that. We’ll aim to have the course set, start line laid etc. so at 11:02 everyone can cast off for the start and we can get underway quickly. If everyone can be ready to launch it will help the timing.


    The winter programme will be on the web site shortly but the main racing programme as in previous years is:


    Week 1 Pursuit (60 minutes not 75)

    Week 2 Regular class racing (H’cap, Laser, Solo)

    Week 3 RS200 Open series plus regular class racing (RS200, H’Cap, laser, Solo)

    Week 4 (and 5 if there is one) Regular class racing (H’cap, Laser, Solo)


    In addition from time to time there will be RS200 coaching, Feva coaching, Topper Coaching etc. but nothing that gets in the way of regular club sailing.


    With no summer holidays or Open meetings to get in the way… Time to go racing as they say.


    See you Sunday


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