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Working Party And Summer Prizewinners

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Life at Island Barn is not all sunshine and fair winds; the ravages of time and weather take their toll, so a Working Party to prepare for the extremes of winter took place last weekend. We have been fortunate with the weather on recent Working Parties, but we were not so lucky this time.

Although the forecast was better for Saturday, it was those who laboured on Saturday who got wet. The endless and perennial task of clearing brambles and undergrowth continued; it is surprising what you find underneath under years of growth: masts, covers, chairs and assorted boat fittings - even whole boats saw the light of day for the first time in many years.

The activities are endless: East 2 ramp repaired, berthing chains tightened, scaffolding poles laid, ramp and steps cleaned, Lasers/Toppers/Fevas serviced, roadway cleared, gents showers cleaned, ladies changing room cleaned and painted, stairs cleaned and oiled, and main roof re-sealed. None of this would have been possible without the grass cutters keeping most of our area under control, and the kitchen/bar staff keeping us fed and watered so effectively; we even had home-made cakes. However, there is no peace for the wicked, and repair of the Solo ramp is already on the list of tasks for the Spring WP.



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