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Join the RYA Topper Zone Squad


    Why are some Topper sailors so much better than others?

    Most likely they have been a member of an RYA sponsored coaching TOPPER ZONE SQUAD.

    There are 10 or so of these squads throughout the country.

    These squads give excellent coaching to keen young Topper sailors

    Most of you (subject to age) are all eligible to apply to join the South East Zone Topper Squad.

    This squad has the best 18 , or so, Topper sailors in a selected group that meet approximately once a month throughout the autumn, winter and spring, at various venues

    Island Barn has had 3 Zone Squad members in the Zone Squad in recent years:

    > Tom Howard
    > William Scott
    > Nancy Scott

    We are at selection time again.

    These are the events you need to attend if you want to be considered

    22nd September 2012 - Island Barn SC Traveller

    29th/30th September 2012 – Weir Wood SC RYA Zone championships   (enter in advance)

    6th October 2012 – Queen Mary SC Open training    (enter in advance)

    For information see

    on the ITCA (GBR)  website. 

    This website has lots of other useful Topper info as well

    Also see the RYA web site:

    You will need:

    > To be under 14, pref under 13.
    > Have your own Topper with racing Spec.
    > Be able to transport Topper and willing to travel to training events.
    > Have wet suit and I would buy a dry suit if selected.
    > Good watch
    > Lots on enthusiasm.

    In return, you will become an excellent sailor.
    And you will meet lots of new sailing friends from all over the south east.

    GO FOR IT!