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Team Pursuit Sunday 9th September


    Team Pursuit at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

    Team Pursuit

    Just a quick reminder that this Sunday it is the team pursuit. This is one of those events where everyone stands a good chance because it is run on a personal handicap basis.


    If you can find a few friends and make a team ahead of the day please do (and tell me), but don’t worry if you haven’t because we’ll make up extra teams on the day. This year we’re using THREE BOATS per team to count. Teams may be three or four boats. (Three boats, all count, Four boats the best three count) so we can be quite flexible to make sure everyone is in a team.


    The handicaps / start times will be available on the day – just like a normal pursuit race except you start will be based off you personal handicap not the regular class handicap. I’ll explain it all in a briefing (or if you ask me) – I’m race Officer so I’ll be there to answer questions.


    Let’s have some...

     >  Laser teams

     >  Junior teams

     >  Topper teams

     >  RS200

     >  Solo

    >  Senior

    >  Ladies

    >  Try-Sail/RYA new members


    If you know you’re coming please drop me a line – it always helps to plan numbers.


    For the newer members the way a pursuit race works is that each boat has a start time slowest first so that in theory all should level at the end of the time period. Each minute we hold up the start number and sound a horn (number shows 20 seconds before to 10 seconds after the start). You start when your number is shown. So for example a Topper might be starting on zero, a Solo on 7 (7 minutes mater) , a laser on 9 (9 minutes after the topper) etc. At the end of the race we sound a signal and note the positions.


    This makes the start much less crowded and is a great way to start racing because generally the more experienced people start later so you get a good head start to see how long you can start ahead. With the personal handicaps you get an extra time allowance. Because it is a time based it doesn’t matter where you are at the end – when the time is up a safety boat will work back round the course noting your position and telling you you’ve finished. (No complications with finish lines.)


    The first start will be at 10:30


    I know it’s a bit soon, but the forecast looks to be warm, sunny and moderate wind – PERFECT SAILING


    See you there


    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more