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General Committee Meeting 4th July 2022

  • ​​​​​​​IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 4th July 2022: 19:30hrs - Online


    1. Apologies: None received

    2. Outstanding actions from previous meetings
    • The Life buoy has been repositioned to enable the mast racks made for the Picos to be used. Action closed
    • The club strategy document has been circulated and contributed to -Action Close
    • The committee approve Mike B approaching a local Plumber to carry out the plumbing works at the club within the proscribed budget. Committee eager to progress. (Stuart kept in loop)
    • The timer switches on the heaters in the changing rooms have been fitted – Action Closed
    • The Portacabin electrics have been connected Action Closed. New Action to have the electrics tested with other electrical works at the club.
    • New Winch for lifting Powerboats – Action Ongoing slight delay due to the perceived need of a ground anchor. Of Note the position of the winch will move so suggestion is a more temporary arrangement Alexis will pass the engineering specs to mike J for his architectural view. Dave B suggested ground screw arrangement.
    1. Agreement of Minutes from the May committee meeting. Minutes agreed

    2. Priority discussion points to be covered

    3. Update on clubhouse works – Large teaching room, club honours board /trophies, heater timers, replacement of water tank / emersion heater

    Mike provided a detailed overview of the works, the large teaching room in the clubhouse has been converted from two rooms and painted. The cost is within budget. The Floor making good however has not been done. Extra funds are required circa £400. Mike will obtain a quote and will notify committee (he has a go ahead provided no disagreements on quote)

    There are a number of maintenance activities that need to be done within the clubhouse and the general view of the committee is that professional assistance is required. This include replacement of carpet with Lino (Mike J to get quote) electrical socket moving ( and electrical testing) , general wear and tear painting, Honours boards repositioning and possible window replacement . There are also several other necessary but preventative maintenance activities that could be done (Fire door repair). Stuart has agreed to chair a small group to discuss the club house maintenance and make arrangements for these activities to be completed. This will ensure the club house as an asset is future proofed.

    1. Update on container refurbishment, Portacabin preparation for summer training programme

    Mike J informed that the portacabin is now ready to go for the summer holiday sailing school activities – Ben K has been informed and Mike is making up a set of keys (one for the safe)

    The Container also had had its structural work completed. It needs painting along with the other club containers. Mike B to obtain a quote for a paint.

    In order to clear the club house of “stuff” Ben to be asked to store all his training gear in the container for the summer and new canoes /SUPS will also reside there.

    1. Plan regarding moving away from CASC to charity status

    Nick updated the meeting on this. He has spoken with the Trustees – because the club needs to be dissolved to create the charity status, we will revisit this when TW decide to renew the lease (which they informed us in February they would do but we have heard nothing) matter on hold until then

    1. New Mooring for Powerboats (note increased costs)

    Dave Simpson to arrange for this to occur on Friday if he obtains enough helpers -Email to go out to ask

    Mike J has purchased racking for the new canoes /SUPs will need help assembling and he has a proposal for racking under the clubhouse.

    1. Committee general updates

    Commodore – John Oldham

    Thames Water
    TW still have not internally agreed on the security solution. John has liaised with them, but our contacts await their senior’s approval for ideas. Mike J proposed that we obtain some quotes and approach then with a financial sharing idea. TW have previously been reticent to allow us to invest in property beyond our lease however we felt it was worth an attempt due to current stalemate.

    Vice Commodore – Colin Bristow
    Any Sailing committee or Training committee matters to be raised to main committee
    No matter arisen, there will be a training and sailing sub committee prior to next committee meeting

    Training related matters (RYA inspection) – Mike Jones /Jonathan Leake / Nigel Thompson

    The RYA inspection will now be in October. No matters to bring to main committee apart from if we are to make the Sunday sailing school an RYA school we need to recruit more senior instructors. There is a course at Queen Mary in October.

    Rear Commodore House - Stuart Whitmore
    Update above

    Hon Treasurer - Mike Barratt
    Mike presented a health balance sheet (see email on 30th June 2022) to the committee

    Hon Sailing Secretary – Nick Marley
    programme going well, the Laser Open is being led by Gareth next weekend.

    Membership secretary - Dave Baldwin
    Membership report attached.

    Dave will work on boat houses when he can, and Alexis is having a go at fixing the old Committee boat house.

    Committee raised a concern about the excessive use of club facilities by multiple groups of scouts, general view is that they are heavily subsidies. John will organise a meeting to discussion this.

    Social secretary – Mike Jones

    There is a plan for a friendly Friday this Friday and Mike J will ask CJ’ on the status for his Brazilian party

    1. Health and safety considerations - Dave Ryder – standing agenda item.

    Filling in large hole in outside carpark has been done – many thanks to mike B for organising this

    1. Update on club strategy

    John updated the committee with his initial review of the Strategy document. The priority according to concern to discuss in short online sessions are:

    1. What training we offer and the KS involvement in the club / Sunday training RYA school /course subsidize
    2. Extending the site infrastructure ramps /container / club refurbishment / procurement
    3. Club boats / fleet / storage of parts
    4. What social activities should we plan heavy reliance on few
    5. What sailing programme we want medium – what days are important
    6. Assessments of new partnerships
    7. Cyber security / data protection strategy/ policy around what and how data is used
    8. Club management better devolvement in responsibilities / monitory power sharing
    9. Marketing and social media more coordination
    10. Membership
    11. volunteer strategy converting the member to a volunteer

    1. AOB

    Of note the committee are very pleased and keen to promote Friendly Fridays however recognise care is required around the safety aspects which through no fault or intention can get more difficult to manage as numbers increase. We need to form a Social committee / catering committee to involve more volunteers. ( strategy discussion)

    Alexis due to the nature of his work for the club and the repetitive nature of his travel will claim an expenses amount per trip £11.70– manged through Treasurer Mike B

    1. Next meetings: 07:30 pm September 5th, 2022, November 7th 2022 and Jan 9th 2023