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Wednesday Evening Series 2012


    Wednesday Evening Racing at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
    Wednesday Evening Racing at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club.

    The Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club Wednesday Evening Racing Series is Open to all club members for free.  If you're not a member and want to join the series we have Wednesday only membership packages for just £74 for boat and berth or only £20 if you just wish to crew. 


    The racing starts at 7.28pm and goes on for as long as the light will sensibly allow us to race. We have three starts spaced to ensure an exciting finish on the water:
    -  Slow Handicap Fleet - 7.28pm
    -  Laser Fleet - 7.30pm
    -  Fast Handicap Fleet - 7.34pm

    The results are scored in two competitions to ensure not only the usual faces are on the podium but also recognition for those that are improving:
    -  Scratch, where the PY of your boat is used to calculate your time and overall position in the race
    -  Personal, where a personal handicap is assigned to you based on your ability and the PY of your boat 
       (see Jim's explanation of how it's calculated)


    The series starts on April 25th and runs through to August 15th.  Don't worry if you've missed the first few races as 9 of the 17 races count to your final score.  So there is of plenty of time to join and battle for the honour of series winner, have your name on the cup and trophy wall and not forgetting a prize! 


    After the race join us for some delicious food from Stuart and Susan (the legendary curries and chillies are not to be missed) and not forgetting the bar is open to quench your thirst.

    Not a member... click here to join the series for only £74 to include boat and berth or just  £20 as a crew only option


    And there's more...
    Read the write up on the Wednesday blog (thanks to Jim) and keep up to date with the results here


    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more