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Push the Boat Out Sat July 21


    This will include the ‘open day’ in that we invite all our affiliates and friends and anyone who would like to see our club. The detailed programme for this will be announced shortly but we would like EVERYONE who has a boat at the barn to be on the water – we really want to set a record for boats on the water. The provisional programme includes a ‘Round the island race’ – simply once round all the marks – no set start time so no worries about a start line. Just sail between F and the clubhouse and your start and end times will be noticed. EVERYONE CAN DO THIS – no difficult start or complex course – just once round the reservoir. We plan to have club boats rigged so there will likely be some spot prizes for best time in a club boat etc. This will run for a couple of hours so you can try multiple times.


    In the afternoon there will be team racing in the visions (and probably fevas) depending how many entrants. This will feature short races on a very small course just in front of the clubhouse – we will be looking for JUNIOR or TRYSAIL members to crew and we hope to have expert commentary – this is a great way to see the racing rules in action as well as some top class competition. For those of you who have never team raced the scoring in two boat team race is that last loses. Helping your team mate by blanketing the opposition or using rights of way to delay the opponent become common. We will be looking for pairs of helms to make up the teams and crews who would like to take part (juniors and try-sail). The aim is to try and get as many participants as we reasonably can.

    We plan to have barbecue or similar food extravaganza on what should be a great day.


    Remember to take lots of photos of the event and share them with the RYA, they’d love to see what fun you had and what you got up too and the RYA will be sending all your photos and ‘good luck’ wishes to the British Sailing Team!  Please upload your photo onto the RYA Sail for Gold Facebook page and they will also add them to the Sail For Gold Gallery

    For more information about Sail for Gold visit
    RYA Sail for Gold Facebook page:

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