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Working Party - Sunday 30th October

  • It’s that time of year again to get the club ready for winter and the future; the autumn Working Party is next weekend – Saturday from 13:00 and Sunday from 09:30 (don’t forget the clocks go back one hour). The current forecast is for some rain, so please come prepared. Lunch and a drink will be provided to tempt you to attend.

    The water level is still high, so any task on or near the water will be potentially wet and slippery, so please come prepared with appropriate clothing and buoyancy aid.

    Personal protective clothing: thick gloves, old clothes, eye protection, face mask

    Tools: spades, forks, cutters, battery hedge trimmers, wood & metal saws, hammers, pliers, scrapers for ramp/steps, reciprocating saws etc)

    Bonfire: Please bring wood for bonfire to be lit at Firework Party on Saturday the following weekend.

    There is a range to tasks to wet everyone’s appetite:

    Repair to top of West 3 ramp – Is there a volunteer with woodworking skills to lead the task please?

    Replace rotten battens on the ramps

    Prepare foundations for new training portacabin and new location for container

    Club boat maintenance

    Clear area around trailers, ensuring there is space to mow around trailers

    The perennial fun task of clearing undergrowth and bramble around boats and under ramps – battery powered hedge trimmers may help

    Cleaning steps and ramp

    Repair outside seating

    Tidy up wood store, sail shed and storage areas under the club

    Cut up Laser and any other discarded boats

    Move 4 obviously unused boats to the East to lower boat park – see photos, one marked ‘Parker’. Does anyone recognise them?

    Weather permitting – All on or in the water:

    Move dismantled elements of West 5 ramp (was not being used) to the East to replace old ramps East 2 and 3, and start to re-erect

    Raise and check state of race marks

    Adjust pontoons (water level is still high)



    David Simpson

    IBRSC Rear-Commodore Works

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