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Marine Radio Course - 06.03.2022

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    RYA VHF Radio Course: Assessment - Sunday March 6

    Did you know you can helm a massive yacht or powerboat without any kind of qualification - but if you use its VHF radio without a licence you can be prosecuted! So, take our course and exam and don't get caught. Our course has three stages.

    1) Book a place at the exam by going to the members website and paying £5

    2) Take the online course. Our provider is Barton Turf Activity Centre which charges £60 - but there are others. Print out the course certificate.

    3) Finally, go to the RYA website and pay the exam fee (another £60). Bring the payment certificate & course certificate to the exam plus a passport photo.



    This course is online. The club will host a written & practical exam on March 6. So the £5 is only for club registration. You must also:
    1) Take an online course £59.99
    2) Pay the RYA exam fee £60
    Total cost: £125

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