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    5th July 2021: 19:30hrs IBRSC (Zoom)


    1. Apologies –Dave Ryder, Pam Rothwell , Haqeeq Boston
    2. Attendance John Oldham Nick Marley, Gareth Griffiths, Dave Baldwin, Dave Simpson, Alexis Villiers, Ray Lambe, Nigel Thomson, Jonathan Leake Mike Jones, Uta Griesenbach Chris Smith.
    3. Summary of last (12th April ) committee meeting

    Minutes prepared by Nick – minutes approved

    1. The contract with Keep Sailing is now back with us to sign and this now simply awaits them getting their RYA status. I am in conversation with Nigel and Ben Kimbell so we can move forward as soon as they have RTC status. This is great news as we now have a longer agreement so the uncertainty for the next 3 years is now removed.
    2. We have a cost for the Porta cabin from the subcommittee work; this is going to be about £17K plus VAT for everything. This will give a high specification porta cabin that will ensure we don’t have an eyesore, good environment and won’t need expensive annual maintenance costs. We will set up a subcommittee to manage taking this forward. - Action created to Mike Jones
    3. We liked the latest plan for the Women’s changing room and it’s much reduced cost prediction (circa £15K) - Mike Jones set up a subcommittee (Mike, Uta, Pamela and Stuart) to manage this as a priority. Action to Mike Jones
    4. from conversations / observations the ramps / pontoons are “getting slowly sorted” as well as some additional expenditure on moorings (circa £2K). Jeff, Dave S and Alexis are leading this. Action Rear commodore works to organise work group
    5. We now have 10 Laser Pico’s for Trysail and other sailing schools, the average cost is around £650 each, this includes the costs on new sails, covers and replacement parts where they were needed (potentially we have 2 more to acquire, but the cost is well beneath the £12K we budgeted).

    Overall thank you to everyone for your hard work in getting us to where we are now… Whilst not the grand plans we had a few years ago we will have made progress on all the key areas of the club development, do it without a grant (due to Covid) and still have reserves in the clubs bank account for when grants open up again.

    Full details:

    1. Keep Sailing contract update and courses uptake.

    Three year Contract almost ready – will go to Mike J on behalf of trustees who will sign as appropriate on behalf of all trustees. 70% of the summer courses are full (see website for more data) the tuition available includes adult one 2 ones.

    1. Club refurbishment update – ladies Changing room / disabled toilet installation – Rear Commodore house / Mike Jones

    Mike provided an update, the detailed specs will be available shortly, and however he provided a plan drawing of the subcommittee’s decision on behalf of the committee. Some discussion on the use of the disabled toilet led to this will an occasional changing room for adults instructing children ( separating changing) however during normal club days the door will be locked and key kept behind the bar / galley.

    1. New training room ( porta cabin ) update

    Mike circulated the subcommittee agreed proposal to main committee. (As per above minutes agreement). He needs to go to Yorkshire to look at the completed version. Some debate on getting the porta cabin into the compound. Likely need to remove railing around main gate / use side gate or crane over fence. Mike confirmed the electric will be three phase.

    Some discussion on where wetsuits will be washed and where the water will go – temp solution is to use the boat wash station.

    Mike confident that the costs will be covered by the £17K set aside however the committee agreed to put aside £20K for the project.

    Jonathan asked that the minutes should reflect that this spend has now been agreed by the committee.

    1. Proposed repositioning of the Container ( currently outside the gate)

    The proposal to TW is that this container be repositioned inside the compound and refurbed by the club as a boat maintenance shed / wetsuit store. The use of arranged the crane for the porta cabin is an ideal opportunity to do this. This matter awaits TW approval.

    1. Hon Secretary / vice commodore update

    • Thames Water - gate / Security / Wash basin removal

    Thames Water (TW) has been asked if it is possible to improve the security at the outer gate with a remote / key operated barrier – awaits their review. TW have also been asked for a security review of the site. The Covid wash stations have been removed following TW request.

    • Change of byelaws

    Byelaws updated – see 5th July version.

    • Sailing committee dates / agenda / invite list

    Proposal is to have the sailing committee one week before (Monday) the Main committee. This allows for discussion summaries to be brought forward if required to main committee. Also agreed for a Training sub- Committee to be set up to meet at relevant times of the year to plan the training schedules / DE conflict site use.

    • Paddleboard matters – Informal complaint received about paddle boarders not been made welcome, Committee keen to make Paddleboards part of the club – not enough to have rep on committee yet (can be reviewed) matter is resolved. However all members who are sailing / paddling outside organised activities will be advised for safety reasons to follow the duty officers instructions and always keep clear of racing / training.
    • Cadets using club – Committee approached by member asking if the Cadets could use the club boats occasionally – awaits full proposal – Committee keen to assist however a nominal daily rate will be required to cover upkeep of boats.

    (Note for comparison: Scouts pay an arranged rate per scout boat which they keep at the club which is approximately equivalent to a cadet membership and boat.

    1. Update from rear Commodores / committee members
    • Rear Commodore works – Moorings /Trailers
    • Engines have at last stopped failing, but required two carburettors to be replaced/ultra-sonically cleaned – Thanks Alexis
    • Pressure Washer carburettor also needed cleaning – Thank you Alexis
    • Effect of E10 fuel in the future? Still uncertain
    • Five pontoons now have anchors rather than weights – Three more to go – Thanks to Jeff, Alexis and Michele
    • Pontoons adjusted for the low water levels; fortunately, water levels are now up again.
    • North end of boat sheds sorted, although not yet stressed by the weather – Thanks to Jeff and Nick, among others
    • Trailers – they have been separated ( good, bad and ugly) Jonathan passed details to Nick of a scrap merchant who might take the ugly ones – the bad will be offered to club members for a fee.
    • There needs to be some demarcation in the car park as to where cars park, Trailers Park. Mike J will mark out the new Porta cabin /container positions and the cabin subcommittee help put up signage / mark out what parks where.

    • Rear Commodore house – electrical works

    Stuart reported that the club has now been fully inspected (£500) and electrical works completed (£1700) so we now have a certificate valid for 5 years – documents to go on club doc store on website.

    • Bosun – powerboat update ( fuel issues)

    Fuel now resolved – Alexis asked for assistance and mileage remunerations (agreed 35p a mile for club trips. Committee also agreed that he will have paid assistance from Grass cutters (£15 hour rate 4 hours per week) Stuart also volunteered to assist Alexis.

    • Membership secretary update













    Sailing Club


    Stand Up Paddle Boarding







    • Berthing Audit
    1. berthing audit was done. Using the NFC tags makes it so much quicker and easier. The best part of £1000 was recovered in membership fees and unpaid berthing fees. Will need to do a follow up check to see if boat has been removed.

    • Hon Treasurer update

    Pam was not available

    • Sailing secretary update – race programme
    • We are on a summer program of Pursuit followed immediately by two shorter B2B (single start). That was the clear favourite from the survey I made.

    • I think we will change this to have a lunch break again at some point but we’ll run this for a while to see how it goes. If there is a lot of tail off for the third race it might make sense to suggest the break again now that the clubhouse is back in use.

    • Wed evenings are going well with good attendance.

    • The Saturday race coaching with follow-on into the Sat. racing seems to be working well. Hopefully this gives a better pathway from Trysail into club racing.

    • Laser open meeting 23 boats on Sat went well but I think we could have promoted it a bit more among the adult fleet members. The largest fleet was the 4.7’s with a very competitive 11 boats.

    • Duty system mostly works well but I think a little fine tuning would be good. We are short of race officer and sometimes safety boat on Saturdays but we have an excess of team on Wed. Historically Wed duties have only been done by Wed sailors unlike weekends where everyone is rostered. I think it is time to simply include the wed program into the general duty roster or at least once Wed slots are full passing those on to weekends. Can this be added to AOB – Dave can outline how it works now. I suggest we keep it as now but when Wed slots are filled we ask those to choose an extra weekend date.

    • I will introduce some sprint race days into the program – again the survey liked this idea – will confirm details via sailing committee probably just do one promoting it first and see what people think. We also need to reschedule the club champs/master – again will do via sailing committee.

    Discussion following the report – agreed to run a race poll but use it as guidance as to the wider club benefits associated with timing the racing against such matters as catering /social / training. (Meeting to arranged by Gareth once results known)

    Concern over lack of race officers on Saturdays – put out to members for volunteers. Consider changing duties roster to include Wednesdays or to fill Saturdays with overspill from Wednesday volunteers

    • Club guidance on remuneration to members – Jeff presented an initial view:

    Summary - The proposal is to set out a club remuneration policy clearly in order that all decision on remuneration can be considered equably and transparently. The policy will be circulated to the committee via the commodore. The points to cover include:

    • The Club ethos is a member’s club which fundamentally relies on the club members to run the club on a volunteer basis.
    • The club relies on certain tasks being undertaken by contractors particularly when a specialist skill or extent of the work to be performed exceeds what can reasonably be undertaken on a volunteer basis.
    • After trials with ‘training camps’ during the school holidays it became clear that a commercial basis was needed to enable both RYA recognised training and capacity.
    • How to commercially utilise specialist skill sets of members fairly without risk of conflicts of interest.
    • How to distinguish activities that are required to run the club safety and effectively and therefore relevant for labour compensation from club based activity that fits the ethos of volunteer run activity.
    • The type of remuneration offered in each situation.
    • An agreement reached on how training should be considered with the policy
    • The governance and review of the process.
    • The transparency of the process in terms of end of year accounting.

    • Fishing at club –Stuart

    Not to be widely encouraged due to conflict with sailing but club owns fishing rights so occasional club member access during non-sailing days is permissible.

    • Health and safety – Dave Ryder report

    • The main upcoming focus is the RYA inspection on Tuesday 20th July. There are inputs and pre-submission of documentation sourced from an ad-hoc working group spanning H&S, Welfare, Works, House, and Adult / Junior Training (excluding Keep Sailing which is a separate RYA) entity.

      Nigel Thompson is doing an excellent job of coordinating the process.

    • Adult Trysail on that Tuesday evening has been put forward for live assessment; Nigel is working with Nick to ensure everything is in place for this.

    1. Training update
    • Sailing school

    Good start to season well attended.

    • IBRSC RYA school power boat
    • Two PB2 courses so far (full) – some conflict with club diary – more courses planned
    • Race Coaching - Jonathan
    • Going very well – excellent results on national arena – PowerPoint attached

    • Try- sail –Nick Marley

    Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we changed the format of Trysail from teaching in double handers to teaching in single handers.

    We allowed 16 students to enrol and 6 RYA DI’s, Mike B, Mike J, Douglas, Ian P, Uta and Dave S, volunteered to run the course along with Dave R & Michelle providing safety boat cover.

    To allow the instructors more hands on experience I formed 3 groups of students with 2 DI’s per group running the briefings and sessions. A side effect of this decision was that the groups of students quickly bonded and an air of excitement and friendship was formed.

    We started each group in either Lasers (1 group) or Pico’s (2 groups). We put the larger sailors in the Laser group and the rest with the Pico’s. The new fleet of Pico’s proved to be very successful and an easy single hander to start sailing. Also, the use of single handers has allowed the student nearly 2-3 times more helming a boat than sharing a Vision.

    At about the midpoint of the course most of the sailors had outgrown the Pico’s and wanted experience on a more challenging boat, so we introduced the Visions and shared the Lasers with other groups. Again this proved to be a success.

    The opening up of the clubhouse enabled us to carry on the social activities after the sailing, along with some beer and food.

    We had 1 sailor drop out due to work commitments but the remainder have stuck with the course. 2 of the sailors need some more attention if they are to get to the RYA level 2 standard and we have been discussing a plan of action for them. However, the rest are well on course to get a RYA level 2 certificates. Nigel has kindly ordered the certificates so they are ready for issuing on our traditional race night at the end of the course.

    I am very thankful to all the instructors for making this year such a success and driving the enthusiasm of the sailors many of which have indicated they intend to join the club. So, we need to think about what is the pathway over August/September to get them into racing.

    Overall this year looks to have been a huge success for Trysail and the new format of starting with single handers looks to be one we should continue in future years.

    1. Social diary update
    • Cruise

    Planned an good take up

    • East head
    • Planned and full take up
    • Friendly Fridays
    • Well attended – Uta /Nick to run the next one on 23rd ( mike away)
    • Events – commodores day – poster sent to members


    1. Grant Applications - Uta

    Uta has obtained £18K from Elmbridge council, currently other sources are exhausted

    1. Covid status update

    Plans still for back to normal on the 19th July

    1. Future meeting dates - Haqeeq

    4th, October, 2021

    10th, January, 2022 (AGM prep)

    1. AOB

    Nick to recirculate the roles and responsibilities document

    Uta to look into the purchase of a new gas BBQ (fixed version) (security concerns to be resolved)