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Stage 4 - Lifting the lockdown

  • Dear Members

    Following the change in the UK Government guidance for stage 4 of lifting of the ‘Lockdown’ in England on July 19th, I would like to update you on the situation at the sailing club.

    As most of our activities are outside the change in advice for us will make little difference to how we have been operating during stage 3. We need to be considerate to our volunteers running duties and other club activity therefore some of our precautions will remain in place, this will be very similar to those precautions used in shops etc. The key ones being:

    • Keep doors / windows open to circulate air
    • The Perspex screen will remain in the galley to provide protection to those volunteering to provide food and drink services
    • The tables in the clubhouse will remain spaced apart to provide social distancing
    • We will keep all of the social distancing marking on the floors of the changing rooms
    • Although now no longer a legal requirement there will still be NHS trace and test QR codes as well as signing in books

    Key changes

    • The committee boat may now be used for racing (if you are uncomfortable with spending a long period of time on the committee boat with people outside of your immediate family then shore starts can still be used)
    • The showers in the changing rooms will be opened. However, we ask that they are only used if really necessary and in the men’s communal shower please limit the number of people to 3 at any one time.

    Please be cautious as you will have seen in the news Covid cases are rising sharply in the UK and if you feel unwell then do not come to the sailing club

    Kind regards

    Nick Marley
    Commodore, IBRSC

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