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SAILING COMMITTEE 25th January 2021


    Monday 25th January 2021: 19:30hrs @ Zoom


    1. Apologies: Giles Haggerty, Brendon O’Leary
    2. Attendance: Gareth Griffiths, Nick Marley, Jonathan Leake, Dave Simpson, Mike Jones, Nigel Thomson, John Oldham ( Chair /Mins) , Ray lamb, Chris Balding, Ed Mauleverer, Roger Morris, Simon Bean, Uta Griesenbach

    1. Programme for current lockdown situation

    The Commodores’ email to the club following the government announcement of lockdown stands as the directive: The club is closed to sailing until further notice – the sailing programme is therefore suspended.

    (Of note the Far East Pontoon is currently a safety risk) Action John to Speak to Dave Simpson. – Action suspended until post lockdown

    1. Sailing events that need a plan.

    The concern is the cold weather and no changing facilities – this will need monitoring and adequate mitigation – Action Jonathan @ Chief Instructor – suspended until sailing resumes

    The Topper winter regatta Open is three weeks away on the 6th March – this will be cancelled. However there is a possibility of organised training – pending government lockdown announcements. Action to Mike J to put out notice / Jonathan for training

    Laser Open – a date will be set in July – Sean to finalise with Gareth – then placed in calendar

    Solo / Streaker Open – date set by Mike J possible for 26th September

    Optimist Open Possible date of the 24th July date to be finalised by Chris B

    Club Championships will be in June and Commodores day possible 18th July, Gareth will review the calendar and set dates similar to last year.

    1. RS 400 fleet would like to make use of the Club website – Nick will provide Douglas with access. – action complete

    1. Off day sailing was discussed, members are not allowed to sail alone and this is laid out in the rules. ( discussed last meeting – carried forward )

    1. Carried forward discussion - The club has a duty to record attendance so that members can be notified if they have come into contact with an unwell member. The Members are encouraged to either inform the club through an email ( or use the notice board QR test and trace QR codes. Action to John to remind members of Points 7 and 8) – actions from last meeting completed by Nick

    1. Scouts – No Sailing or water activities due to Lockdown and scouting directives.

    1. Fire /fuel storage – following from a general committee conversation – concern that fuel store does not meet HSE rules and RYA directions – agreed for marking on the store and refilling of boat cans away from the shed. Action – Jonathan to inform the council of a fuel store and Nigel to arrange signage

    1. Discussion on VHF radios - requirements to abide by spirit of OFCOM legislation. The club will use radios on the water only and the club will run VHF courses to ensure members are licenced to use the equipment Action to Nigel to look at how the courses could be arranged ( online one per year)

    1. Social events /Diary – all club events including socials must feature in the club diary. Important to register events such as the East head weekend to avoid clashes.

    1. Sailing school – Mike /Jonathan to discuss how the sailing school can become compliant with RTC rules. There have been many requests for attendance at the school this year which is good but has put logistical strain on boats and instructors discussion on this taken outside meeting. It was decided to cancel the laser course.
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