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General Committee Meeting - 12 April 2021

  • Attendees:
    Nick Marley, John Oldham, Haqeeq Bostan, Gareth Griffiths, Dave Simpson, Mike Jones, Uta Griesenbach, Pamela Rothwell, Jeff Davison, Alexis Villiers , Nigel Thomson, Staurt Whitmore, Dave Baldwin
    Jonathon Leake, Ray  Lambe

    Action updates from extra committee meeting

    • Powerboat training has been arranged for post COVID locklown lifting in May
    • Nick sent an email to the mebership on club opening plans
    • Jonathon circulted youth training dates
    • Spring working party - cancelled.  Jeff/Dave led some volunteer works repairs
    • Stuart to lead getting new electrical certification
    • New TV screen bought and mounted in the clubhouse

    More space for Jonjo (Marine Dept)
    It was agreed to give more space to Jonjo as per his request.  The committee also discussed and agreed that the cost of berthing for the large boats stored at the far end would increase to reflect a fair price and that ther would be a limit on the number of large boats stored at the club by members (Dave B to communicate large boats and Jonjo fee increases).

    Keep Sailing
    The contract with Keep Sailing is now back with us to sign and this now simply awaits them getting their RYA status.  Nick is in conversation with Nigel and Ben Kimbell so we can move forward as soon as they have RTC status.  This is great news as we now have a longer agreement so the uncertainty for the next 3 years is now removed.

    Updates on captial projects/club development

    Training Rooms
    The committee agreed 1 new trainng room, this will be a Portacabin and it is being led by the training group subcommittee.  Mike Jones estimates the cost is going to be about £17K plus VAT for everything.  This will give a high specification portacabin that will ensure we don’t have an eyesore, good environment and won’t need expensive annual maintenance costs. We will set up a subcommittee to manage taking this forward.

    Ladies Changing Room
    The committee liked the latest plan for the Women’s changing room and its much reduced cost prediction (circa £15K) -  Mike Jones is to set up a subcommittee (Mike, Uta, Pamela and Stuart) to manage this as a priority.

    Pontoon repairs / move
    Jeff and dave reported that from conversations / observations the ramps / pontoons are “getting slowly sorted”.  Additional expenditure on moorings (circa £2K) was agreed. Jeff, Dave S and Alexis are leading this. 

    Future meeting dates
    5th, July, 2021
    4th, October, 2021
    11th, January, 2022 (pre AGM)

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