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With the temperature dropping below minus 10 Celsius (or 14 Fahrenheit) and very little if any wind over the last few day the inevitable happened; the reservoir froze over.  All bar a small area, perhaps 14 X 40 meters, the entire 122 acres were solid ice.  Despite the valiant efforts of the duty team we couldn't move the ropes tying down the safety boats, let alone the boats.  So with a final check from Harry the decision was made to call off the sailing (not sure if Harry's check was required but we captured it on video... sorry Alexis!)

However, a fair number of us braved it back to the club in the afternoon for the AGM.  Mike Curtis was handed the reigns from Rob Pettit as Commodore and the new committee was voted in as follows:

CommodoreMike Curtis
Vice CommodoreGareth Griffiths
Rear Commodore - WorksDavid Simpson
Rear Commodore - HouseAndy Collison
Honorary Sec.Kirstie Johnson
Honorary TreasurerGill Lapage
Honorary Sailing Sec.Paul Playle

Ordinary Committee Members
David Baldwin
Alexis Villiers
Nick Marley
Malcolm Barnes
Chris Smith

Bar Committee
Eddie Holland (Bar Manager)
Colin Mattingly 
Ann Mattingly 
Glen Cole


Social Sec.Jenny Massey
Catering ManagerSusan Constable & Stuart Phelps
Membership Sec.David Baldwin
Web/Publicity OfficerNick Marley
Team CoordinatorRoy Poole
Bosun   Alexis Villiers
Junior Sailing OrganiserMike Jones
Trysail OrganiserChris Smith
Works Committee 1Vacant
Works Committee 2 Vacant

Finally, the Commodore's Cup Encouragement Trophy was awarded to Nick Marley (or me... blush).  Having looked at the cup there are some great names engraved on it, dating back to 1966.  It now has pride of place on my bookcase.


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