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Topper Se Area Winter Regatta

  • topper open
    Topper Winter Open 2012

    Held today, 29th January, in very light airs: sorry. There was enough wind to sail, but really no more than that. Still, there seemed to be some very intense racing, so we hope people enjoyed themselves.

    Congratulations to the winner, George Hunter from Haversham: it was a tight fought series, and coming into the last race George Hyett from Downs was ahead on points, but with a worse discard. In the event they were both down the pack, and so Hunter's previous discard did the trick. This promoted non-junior Clive Jackson into 2nd place. Crawley Mariner's Micahel O'Driscoll got himself up to 4th, and top squad-free sailor with a win in the last race. This put him ahead of Spinnaker's Rhianna Jackson, who was first female. Local sailor Alistair Smith rounded out the top six.

    The full results are here.

    Photos of the Topper Winter Open are here

    Top. The event winner gets a bit careless running down to the start of race three. We've all done it, but best avoided in January!
    Centre. Well, you've got to while away the time between races somehow. Why not raft up and have a chat?

    Pics © Jim Champ