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2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Minutes



    1) Commodore’s opening address
    Nick thanked everyone for attending, explained how to interact using zoom and confirmed attendance – This was collected via screen shots of the online attendance register. No apologies were received.

    2) The minutes of the 61st Annual General Meeting were approved. (Approver Mike Jones and seconder Alexis Villiers)
    3) The audited accounts year ending 30th Sept 2020 were presented by the Treasurer and approved. (Approver Chris Smith and seconder Mike Barrett)
    Committee thanked the Auditor Tony Tahourdin
    A full set of accounts have been circulated to the membership via email.
    4) The following reports were presented to the club from the Flag officers:

    Commodore - Nick Marley
    My first year as Commodore has been somewhat of a jump in at the deep end. Throughout all of the issues driven by the storms at the beginning of February 2020 through to the restrictions that have all had to live with over the Coronavirus Pandemic, I and the committee have done our very best to balance individuals safety, with access to the club facilities and remaining not only within the law but also the spirit of doing our bit to fight this virus.

    The year started with considerable storm damage to our mooring and pontoons. I would like to thank every member that stepped in to help with repairing the facilities. I would like pass my personal thanks to Jeff Davison, David Simpson and Alexis Villiers for their leadership and ingenuity.

    In March the UK entered the a lockdown and for, what I believe, this is the first time we have had to close IBRSC to members in order to comply with the UK government’s instruction. However, we kept up the sailing and social activity with Virtual sailing organised by Chris Smith, Online sailing courses led by Ben Kimble and we kicked of the Junior Sailing School online led by Mike Jones and all the sailing school lead instructors.

    I was absolutely delighted to see that once we could re-open the club the appetite for sailing had not decreased. In fact over the summer we saw record turn outs to club sailing and some fleets such as Lasers come back in large numbers. It was not uncommon for me to count 30 lasers on the water.

    It was also great to see how both Mike Jones, Jonathon Leake and Ben Kimble (Keep Sailing) were able to provide COVID safe training for juniors. We also provided COVID safe open meetings for Toppers, Solos, RS Fevas and RS 200s. Each of these events had strong safety protocols and limited entry numbers. We had great turnouts not only in meeting our maximum safety levels but all the visitors and home sailors strictly followed our safety rules. In addition to the Jonathon’s work has led to the club being shortlisted as a finalist for the RYA Club of the Year 2021.

    As the summer drew to a close we once again saw an increase in COVID cases in the UK, leading to more restrictions on our ability to organise sailing and ultimately leading to having to close the club for a second and extended time. Sadly this meant that, despite some valiant efforts, we were not able to come together for some of our popular winter events such as Bonfire Night and the New Year’s Day Hangover Regatta.

    2020 saw us launch a partnership with Keep Sailing (led by Ben Kimble) this has not only driven incremental revenue for the club, provided access to sailing for juniors over school holidays but has also increased our membership numbers, if mainly from cadets. We plan to continue this relationship for the next few years. We have also increased the club participation with other water activity such as Stand Up Paddle-boarding and Kayaks either with new members or affiliations to third party clubs.

    You will see in our audited accounts that our bank balance appears to be very high. However, this is disguising some significant work that is needed but delayed due to COVID namely, repairs/new ramps for accessing the water (this is a contractual requirement with our landlord over safety), refurbishment of the ladies changing rooms and increasing training space at the club. Sadly, the large London Marathon Grant that we were applying for to match the funding we have raised has been suspended, again due to COVID. However both Uta and Mike B have done some amazing work in securing grants from local community funding.

    We are reviewing our membership fees and structure to better reflect today’s sailing needs. This has been driven out of the increase in different membership schemes at other clubs and feedback from our membership about what appear as unfair differences in fee levels. The first of these will see us combining our boat owner and non-boat owner categories into one family or cadet membership. So every family member pays the same basic membership fees. We also recognise that there will need to be some protection for significant increases in memberships fees. So, all existing members facing rises above inflation have been given discount codes to ensure they pay the same as last year plus inflation, this will allow us to complete the process whilst we introduce new membership categories/fees to reflect a fair deal for all members.

    Finally and most importantly I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered in the last year, be that those members who have stepped in and performed more than their duties, those helping with maintenance and repair of the club, the committee members who all of whom have ensured the smooth running of the club and to John Oldham (Vice Commodore) for his invaluable support in leading the club.

    Sadly we will see 4 committee members stand down this year; Mike Barratt, Tessa Groves, Rory O’Brian and Francesca Campagnoli. I would like to thank them for all their support over the last year. I’d particularly like to call out Tessa who has been involved in the club for many years be that from the committee, catering and to developing amazing sailors from her children Alex and Nicola (giving the club a claim to having taught an Olympian sailor), not to mention that I never was able to get close to beat Tessa and Andy when they sailed their RS200.

    [A presentation of a glass vase to Tessa was made]

    This does however give us an exciting opportunity to bring in some new views and experiences to the committee with the nominations that we will shortly vote on. I thank them for stepping in to help with the running of the club, I am very much looking forward to working with them and the existing committee members over the coming year.

    Mike Jones commented that this was not the first time that the club had closed. It closed for the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the early 2000’s

    Vice Commodore - John Oldham
    Firstly and most importantly many thanks to the commodore Nick on behalf of the Club and committee for steering us through an extremely challenging year. Decisions have had to be made in rapid succession and with implications that will affect the future of the club for years to come.

    The role of the vice Commodore is to manage the sailing side of the club and I personally would like to thank Gareth Griffiths the sailing secretary. He has managed the sailing diary in an extremely challenging year. Whilst we have had nowhere as much Sailing as we have wanted but what we have had has been managed effectively, safety and Covid compliant. There is a generally held belief that the summer sailing was extremely well attended and enjoyable despite the restrictions.
    I would also like to thank the class captains, and open meeting race officers for managing through it all in difficult times. Plus Dave Baldwin of course for his database abilities.

    The other role I have is managing the relationships with the Landlords – Thames water. This has gone well this year. At the beginning of the year Saville’s the estate agent managing the contract proposed a rent rise. This was a concern to us as no rise has occurred since 1994. However they are entitled to raise the rent and our negotiations should be around a reasonable rate. Due to Covid this was put on hold and indeed Thames Water gave us a rent holiday. This we have thanked them for.

    With regards to the day by day relationships with Thames water it is important that all members appreciate that Thames Water employees are allowed to go about their work so keep away from them on the bank due to Covid and assist them when we can etc.
    We have a new relationship manager with Thames water – Matthew Bannister. Unfortunately we have not been able to have the regular face to face meetings and this makes our relationship quite formal and clunky. We hope to get back to normal soon.

    There was a debate with Thames Water regarding the annual Bonfire party on or around November 5th. We were allowed to go ahead following negotiations but we cancelled due to Covid.

    I have also chaired the training subcommittee – with the intention of looking at how training is managed and accommodated at the club. The findings and ideas will be taken to the main committee shortly for debate.

    Rear Commodore House - Mike Barrett
    In March of last year, the club had a development plan entitled ‘future proofing Island Barn 2020’ and applied for a matched funding grant to improve Club infrastructure. The plan included modernising the changing rooms, upgrading the ramps to the water, converting the largely unused storage container into a training facility and the provision of a children’s playing area.
    Unfortunately, as a result of Covid 19, all grant applications in that round were rejected because of the grant funding trust’s uncertainty of its own future funding. This news was obviously a tremendous disappointment, but I would like to thank Becky, Francesca, Nigel, Mike J and Kim Gavin for the considerable effort they put into assisting the application.

    It is now up to the incoming committee to decide on what mix of the above and any other initiatives could be provided from the club’s own funds, if community infrastructure grants remain inaccessible.

    Due to the pandemic, the club was completely shut between spring and early summer and went through various stages of partial operation during the rest of the year, dependant on ever-changing government rules and RYA advice of the time.
    Post the committee’s risk assessment, practical efforts to reopen the club safely included; the installation of the upper and lower hand wash stations (thanks Alexis), the procurement of all the wall mounted hand sanitisers (thanks Jonathan), the manufacture and installation of the sanitiser structures at the base of the stairs (thanks Dave B), the provision all of the signage and warnings (thanks Nick and Dave R), and the purchase and erection for the summer period of the marquee and canopy shelters (thanks Nigel and Mike J).

    The clubhouse itself was largely closed for the period except for the toilet facilities. In order to assist the safe reopening of the clubhouse, an extensive exercise investigating how the provision of a ventilation system could be implemented was undertaken by Jeff, Mike B and Jonathan. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the highly likely (at that time) second wave, a decision on a clubhouse ventilation system in the clubhouse has been deferred.
    The changing room flooring consists of vinyl tiles that ideally need replacing. Andrew very kindly removed the vinyl tiles from the ladies changing rooms and repainted the floor with specialist floor paint, recycling tiles where possible to repair the flooring to the gents changing room and the passageway. He also replaced the exterior door to the changing area which had become rotten with age. Many thanks Andrew.

    At the autumn work party, the storage area adjacent to the changing rooms went through a thorough clear out and tidy up (thanks Uta). There is a little more space now, and when the club house reopens the class captains are invited to organise and label their own storage areas, to make the spares and equipment of club boats more easily accessible.
    Whilst the clubhouse was closed, a self-service T-bar was located in the lobby providing refreshments (thanks Andy). New and extra outdoor seating created a welcome environment for at least some social interaction while maintaining social distancing (thanks Uta).

    The pandemic has dominated the committee’s time in the last year with every likelihood that this coming year is going to be similar. However, the long-term provision of facilities and equipment still needs to be planned for, and I would ask members what improvements and upgrade ideas they would like to see in the coming years, so they can be considered as part of the club’s planning process.

    Rear Commodore Works - David Simpson
    Last year did not start well with the extensive damage caused by the winter storms - the T-pontoon was in three pieces and boat shelters were particularly badly hit. As with life as a whole, the club and its maintenance had been affected by Covid, resulting in last year’s spring Working Party having to be cancelled. However, Alexis and Jeff Davison continued to work to prepare the T-pontoon for repair, and recover the safety boat moorings. This led to the creation of the ‘Beast’ mounted on two Whalys to raise the two safety boat trots in front of the club house. This was a work of engineering genius – well done Jeff.

    It was decided to move the safety boat moorings to the west to provide a little more shelter, and to improve the view of the water and the racing from the clubhouse. This led to Jeff designing the ‘double diamond’ moorings for 7 safety boats; its deployment was no mean feat and required careful choreographing. Individual moorings would have resulted in the boats being spread over a much larger area.

    In the meanwhile, Dave Baldwin resurrected the boat shelters, with netting rather than tarpaulins to reduce the effect of the wind; this keeps the boats clean, but unfortunately not dry. Also in June we had a mini-working party to repair and refloat the T-pontoon – thank you to Alexis, Roger Brodie, Simon Percival, Tim Gabriel, Ian Peace and Mike Barrett (my apologies if I have missed any others). There was then the small matter of a pair of coots having taken over the end of the ‘T’ with their nest and four eggs, so the end of the pontoon remained off limits for a couple of weeks longer.

    Fortunately, we were able to hold a successful socially-distanced autumn Working Party, which enabled us to catch up with the many club repairs. As in previous years, the Working Parties have been crucial in maintaining the club infrastructure; it does not happen without you – A big thank you to all those who attended. At the autumn WP we cleared vegetation underneath all the ramps, repaired two ramps, maintained club boats, removed posts at ramp entrances, filled two skips with rubbish and discarded boats, created more berths to the East, cleaned steps, ramp and in front of clubhouse, and tidied up clubhouse and sail shed.

    We replaced one of the ancient safety boats last year and are planning on replacing the other one this year. As always, very many thanks to Alexis for continuing to keep the safety boats operational; it is a never ending task. Commercial maintenance of the boats would cost the club a very great deal and would not be available at weekends – we continue to owe Alexis a huge vote of thanks.

    Once again very many thanks to Ian Peace, Mike Barrett and John Doyle for taking on the grass cutting. With particular thanks to Mike for keeping the club looking immaculate during the spring lockdown and summer. The Committee has decided to sub-contract the grass cutting, as it is proving to be too much of a load on a very small number of members. We will see how this works out this year. This does not remove the obligation of all boat owners to keep the grass around their boats cut; this includes all the area back to the fence, which is often ignored.

    Dave confirmed that Working parties are planned for the 2021/22 season
    Dave also recalled and thanked all persons, especially Jeff Davison, for the recovery of the committee boat back in February of 2020

    Membership Secretary - David Baldwin
    Membership for the year has been very robust considering the circumstances. We a bit higher than last year at 235 (which is a 16 year high) adults +5, cadets -10, windsurfing +5 and the new SUP membership 7.

    Membership for next year has got off to a good start with 77 signed up already.

    The annual distribution of berthing stickers and forgetfulness in affixing them is a thing of the past. The berthing stickers have been replaced by a lifetime NFC tag that can be read using a suitable phone through covers. This will allow berthing audits to be done in one or two hours instead of over a couple of days. As of September all the boats at the club had been tagged. I am in two minds whether to send out tags for new boats (given the low likelihood of them being used) or to discover them in more frequent audits.

    A concerted effort was made to remove abandoned boats and 2 have found new homes and 14 disposed of.

    The other big change happening for the new membership year is the simplification of the membership categories. We had 19 categories and we are now down to 9 - the distinction between boat owner and non-boat owner has gone and so have all the winter membership categories. As the fees are prorated in any case having a separate set of Winter categories doesn't really add anything.

    Jeff Davison thanked Dave for the work on the boat shelters
    Mike J thanked Dave for the expansion of the mast rack and land drill stand
    Andrew Barnett asked about new membership fees structure.

    Junior training officer - Mike Jones
    The Sailing School
    Organisation and Events for 2021 (+22)

    All Junior Sailing School Classes start on April 25 2021 (subject to Covid restrictions)
    All booking is on line and there are still places available in Oppie Beginners and Feva
    Sailing School Session 1 ends on July 25

    Junior Sailing School (Session2) restarts September 5
    Junior Sailing School Final Day is September 26 when there will be a mixed class racing regatta

    On 18 July Commodores Day will replace Sailing School with junior racing, barbecue party, and pirate ship water battle.
    Please note East Head Camping and Sailing will be in September this year. See below. Please also note the Autumn Cruise will be earlier this year in October. Details of both to follow.

    The Sailing School retains the overall structure of last year except there is a new racing group in Optimists. Lasers are dropped for the time being, but can be reinserted if there’s demand



    Led by Ray Lambe.
    Assistants: Dylan Emmett, Eric Craig
    Will have 12 beginners in 6 club Oppies. 2 morning Courses per Sunday at 9.30 & 11.15


    Led by Dave Todd
    Assistant: Aaron Crutchfield
    Will have Optimist sailors in their second year sailing their own Oppie or Optimist.


    Led by Chris Balding
    Will have Optimist sailors in their second year sailing their own Oppie or Optimist.


    Run by Uta Griesenbach TBC
    Assistants Rob Sumner, Kate Symons
    Will have 6 Topper sailors in their first year in a Topper.
    Will use club Toppers unless they have their own.


    Run by Mike Jones TBC
    Assistants Nigel Randall, Richard
    Will have 6 Topper sailors in their own Topper.
    Will use club Toppers unless they have their own.


    Two groups run by Jonathan Leake and Gareth Griffiths.
    Assistants: Gavin Mclelland, Douglas Clow, Nigel Francesca Campagnoli

    Will have 20 Toppers in two groups of 10
    Will have their own Toppers.


    Run by Brendan O’Leary,
    Assistants: Eleanor O’Leary

    Will use club Fevas and privately owned Fevas. Total 6 boats

    Additional Junior Training 2021

    Week Long Camps
    In 2021 we plan to run a number of week-long Mon - Fri courses for junior sailors of all ability groups. These will be run by Keep Sailing led by Ben Kimbell. Details to follow.

    Sunday Morning Training
    On certain Sunday mornings to be announced , when covid restrictions are eased enough, Jonathan Leake and Nigel Thomson, will provide an hour of coaching followed by participation in the two back to back club races. This is a great way of bridging the gap between Sailing School and Club racing.

    Other Junior Sailing events at Island Barn - 2021 / 22

    TOPPER WINTER REGATTA 2021 Cancelled Cancelled
    Feb 13 2022
    TBC Topper Barnstormer Open Regatta
    OPEN DAY TBA Our older children take visiting children guests out
    SCHOOLS REGATTA TBA Open regatta for all junior types
    OPTIMIST OPEN Sun 18 July
    Sat 24 July Racing for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas
    + Pirate ships

    TOPPER OPEN Fri, Sat, Sun Sept 10,11,12
    Sat 18 September

    At East Head in Chichester Harbour

    Large Topper Traveller Open
    AUTUMN CRUISE October 1,2,3 TBC Cruise organised by club members for junior sailors and parents
    RYA REGIONAL JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS TBC Regional Training Groups selection
    CHRISTMAS PARTIES Sun 19 December Father Christmas, 10 pin bowling and curry

    RTC Principal – Nigel Thomson
    As I write this report today, I look back on 12 months and remember the club’s training plans and aspirations for 2020.
    The club was about to sign a contract with our strategic partner, Keep Sailing, who were going to support us in running RYA and non-RYA training courses for all levels (Adults and Children), allowing the club to meet the growing demand of training and coaching that the membership has been requesting.
    As part of the preparations for the year, Dave Simpson (the club’s Chief instructor for Power) arranged a Power Boat Instructor course, delivering an extra six instructors to support the current team of five. This allowed us to deliver the ever increasing demand for PB2 and safety boat courses for our members. Having 11 Powerboat instructors available to support the club our size is quite impressive.
    However, the outbreak of Covid 19 meant we had to press pause on our plans, Despite this, we were determined to deliver something in 2020 and we did, though not everything we planned.
    In July 2020, the contract was signed with Keep Sailing who successfully arranged training for 108 people over a four week period. Though the courses were heavily focused on children during their school holidays, the team delivered a number of 1:1 training sessions to adults and assistant instructor courses for club members. This was then successfully repeated during the Autumn weekends and half term.
    In addition to this, Jonathan Leake (Chief Instructor for sailing), delivered multiple weeks of topper and laser coaching to the club members and our aspiring youth cohort.
    A key element of being able to run these courses during this time, was the club’s infrastructure, namely10 pontoons allowed us to separate the sailors.
    We are very aware there is more to be done with the adult sailors who are new to sport or wanting to improve, whether it’s their sailing or racing skills. This is something we would like to improve this year.
    So 2021, what are our plans? Mainly to build on the successes of recent years, with the aim of delivering something for everybody.
    The club’s intention is to offer a programme of training and coaching for all levels in both power and sail for adults and children.
    If you are interesting in training, either on a 1:1 basis, or joining a larger group, please get in touch with myself, Dave Simpson or Jonathan Leake.
    Alternatively, if you interested in becoming a sail or power boat instructor or undertaking a coaching course, again please let me know. We can offer various courses, but here are some that can be run:
    •  Assistant Instructor
    •  Dinghy Instructor
    •  Senior Instructor
    •  Level 2 Racing coach course
    Power Boat
    •  Power Boat Instructor
    If you are not sure about being an instructor on the water, how about a instructor on the land? We are actively looking at how to expand these courses – in particular VHF and First Aid.
    Until we can get back on the water, please stay safe.

    Social Secretary - Mike Jones
    Provisional proposals for 2021, to be agreed with Commodore Nick Marley

    TALENT SHOW – On line 2021 and live in winter 2022
    Dinner, wine, and a fun evening of showing off our diverse collection of individual and group talents off the water, by our members and families of all ages.

    FRIENDLY FRIDAYS - April, May, June, July, August 1 per month TBA
    Social evenings, both on and off the water. No racing but all other types of sailing activity is encouraged, including Oppie Water Hockey.
    Friendly Fridays became famed in 2019 for the excellent food and this will continue

    Club is Open all day to the public and we take out people sailing and show them our social side too.

    COMMODORES DAY – Sunday 18 July
    We use the popular racing format of 6 back to back races with a short half time lunch break. Oppies do just 3 races. We have a great barbecue, music, a little dancing and the afternoon is rounded off with our annual pirate ship water fight.

    This was a great success in 2019. We will repeat in September 2021

    Though not an official club event, over 50 of us have a memorable three nights on the Solent in a fleet of hired and member owned yachts. The 2019 event was arguably the best yet, with a cruise in close company (definitely not a race) from Yarmouth to Beaulieu River in bracing Force 5. We’ll repeat in October 2021

    This has now became an established event where we dine, have great fun and raise money for worthy cub projects

    FIREWORK NIGHT - This has also become a very popular social and family afair and will be repeated in 2021, subject to negotiating bonfire permission with our landlord Thames Water.

    CEILIDH & SUPPER November
    This has become a star annual event and we will definitely repeat. Jim Champs band is perfect for this event

    CHRISTMAS PARTIES – Sunday 13th December
    Our regular format of mulled wine and mince pies, Father Christmas Party , Ten Pin Bowling at Kingston, Sailing School Curry in East Molesey. This formula works, but suggestions on variations would be gladly accepted.

    5) Election Of The Club Officers:
    The Following officers were nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting:

    Commodore - Nick Marley (Approved CJ, Seconded Chris Smith)
    Vice Commodore – John Oldham (Approved Jeff Davison, Seconded Brendan O’Leary)
    Rear Commodore Works - David Simpson (Approved Jeff Davison, Seconded Alexis Villiers)
    Rear Commodore House – Stuart Whitmore (Approved John Oldham, Seconded Alexis Villers)
    Honorary Secretary – Haqeeq Bostan (Approved Jonathon Leake, Seconded Jeff Davison)
    Honorary Treasurer – Pamela Rothwell (Approved Nigel Thomson, Seconded Brendan O’Leary)
    Honorary Sailing Sec - Gareth Griffiths (Approved Jeff Davison, Seconded Brendan O’Leary)

    6) Election Of The Ordinary Committee Members:
    (note these members may take admin roles)

    The Following officers were nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting (all were approved by Alexis Villiers and seconded by John Oldham):

    1. David Baldwin
    2. Mike Jones
    3. Alexis Villiers
    4. Chris Smith
    5. Nigel Thomson
    6. Jeff Davison
    7. Jonathan Leake
    8. Dave Ryder
    9. Ray Lambe

    7) Election Of The Bar Committee:
    The Following officers were nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting (all were approved by Jeff Davison and seconded by Francesca Campagnoli):
    Andy Wilson
    John Carpenter
    Up to 4 Vacant Positions

    8) To elect an Auditor:
    The Following officer was nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting:
    Tony Tahourdin (Approved Mike Barrett, Seconded Jeff Davison)

    9) To note the following Club administrative roles and personnel:
    Social Secretary - Mike Jones
    Catering - Uta Griesenbach
    Membership Sec - David Baldwin
    Web/Publicity Officer – Nick Marley
    Duty Team Coordinator - Gareth Griffiths
    Bosun - Alexis Villiers
    Assistant Bosun - Vacant
    RTC Principal – Nigel Thomson
    RYA Chief Instructor Jonathon Leake
    Special Projects – Jeff Davison
    Junior Sailing Captain Mike Jones
    Trysail Captain – Nick Marley
    Class Captains:
    •  Laser - Simon Bean
    •  Solo – Mike Jones
    •  RS200 – Nick Marley
    •  RS400 – Douglas Clow
    •  Aero – Gareth Griffith
    Child Welfare Officer – Ray Lamb
    Health and Safety – Dave Ryder

    10) Proposal to alter Club Rules:
    ​​​​​​​The 2021 version of the rules (previously circulated) were noted and approved. (Approved Jeff Davison, Seconded Mike Barrett)

    11) No formal proposals were notified to the Secretary within the specified period. This concluded the AGM

    12) Following the AGM there was an informal discussion.
    It was noted that members would prefer the Toper Fleet to have a separate start and that it be the first start for club racing.
    Discussion was held about the condition of the concrete beaches and can we investigate with Thames Water the idea of filling in the cracks that have developed
    Discussion was held on the condition of the ramps providing access to the water. Jeff Davison will lead a special project to review, repair, replace and move where necessary the ramps.
    It was noted that clubhouse tables need replacing.

    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more