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  • Interregnum...

    Our web mistress has departed, and our new webmaster was away for the weekend, so the deputy webmaster gets to play:-)

    Firstly I think its appropriate for me to pay a personal tribute to all the work Helen has put in on the website. Most clubs now have websites, and some of them might be prettier than ours, but I know of none that are kept more up to date with these regularly newsy updates than this one. While this isn't essential, I do believe it has been valuable in terms of presenting us as a club where things actually happen. When you add to that her contribution on the Trysail I cannot think of anyone who has achieved so much in getting new members into the club and thus keeping subs and duties down. As one of her "discoveries" I have a personal stake in this!

    As for the weekend... Easterlies, decent breeze, gusty and shifty. On Saturday I didn't see much of what was going on because I brought some friends and we were playing Cherubs. Unfortunately I negelected to being enough helms and ended up filling that role in one of the boats myself with predictably wet results. Sorry Claire! Hope everyone else enjoyed the cabaret.

    Sunday delivered an equally shifty and at times stronger breeze for the series finals.

    A good Laser turnout seemed to do a little bit of swimming in between some hard fought racing for the end of a close series. Assuming they didn't have a race on the 10th August as I believe to be the case Rob Sumner's 1,2 (which most importantly enabled him to discard a 10th place) provisionally gives him the series, pipping previous series leader John Leheup, with Daryl Cooper close behind in 3rd place.

    In contrast the handicap fleet had quite a light turnout and no second race at all. This, (provided with all those swims in his new 4 tonner) meant that Peter Curtis couldn't get enough 'O'League points to catch the absent Mark Taylor, who maintained his lead after a steady and consistent series. Congrats also to Natalie Butcher and Helen Gerald, who I believe were Mark's most frequent crews. Natalie was also frequently present when Peter Curtis had a two hander out from his increasing selection of classes, so should be OK for glassware for a while! Carl Mayhew was third, with excellent RS400 results, but still working on the RS600 sailing, and Graham Potter very close in the Albacore.

    The Topper series went to Ben Palmer, by a single point after a late charge by Nicola Groves, with Alex Groves third. I haven't posted Solo results because there are always slight variations between what I get on race sheets and what the Solo Scoremaster posts on the official club list, but I would be very suprised if Peter Cotterell hasn't won by a mile!

    The Pursuit Series also went to Peter Cotterell, with second place going to Peter Curtis' menagerie of boats, and third to Carl and Julie Mayhew. Fourth fifth and sixth were Messrs Cooper, Sumner and Leheup from the Laser fleet, so the handicaps seem to have been averaging out reasonably over the series.

    On Wednesday night we had an excellent talk from singlehander specialist Steve Cockerill, plus a Pizza fest in the middle.

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