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Olympics 2000

  • Far from murky, damp, petrol-less, gridlocked Britain, ex-treasurer Nick Bloom is living in Sydney and keeps in regular touch. Here are extracts from his e-letter about his experiences at the Games. For the baffled, 'Ceroc' is a rock-and-roll type dance, and lessons are available in Surrey as well as in Sydney!

    September in Sydney was, as you can imagine, dominated by the Olympics and was blessed with outstanding weather for almost the whole period of the Games. Besides my involvement in the Opening Ceremony, (Nick was in that huge display team somewhere!) I took the opportunity to see quite a few events - the best of which was the Beach Volleyball at Bondi (which may have something to do with the brilliant sunshine and the sound of the surf crashing on the beach just inches away). It also became compulsive viewing, the TV being put on the moment I walked in the door - I don't think I've seen so much TV since I was a kid off school during the long summer holidays!

    During the closing ceremony I was in "Love is in the Air". I, and the rest of the Ceroc'ers were carrying large feet and arrows, to represent the instructions given in Ballroom moves. We had simple dance steps to perform but it still took a few rehearsals to perfect.We also had the opportunity to put the props down and dance Ceroc, entertaining the crowd (but unfortunately not the TV audience) with drops, dips and aerials - the idea was to suggest that the Ballroom dancers were boring and this is how you really should dance!!

    It was great to be there and we had far more time than at the Opening to enjoy the whole thing as the stage managers were more relaxed, allowing a few of us to we walk forward to the entrance to the field to see the ceremony. Eventually we got called forward before even "Absolutely Everybody" started up - that was such a thrill. The crowd's energy picked up following the sombre ceremonial flag bit and so did ours, so when we started our segment the adrenalin was already pumping.

    f you had the opportunity to view the first hour of the Opening Ceremony, I hope you agree that it was an awesome spectacle. Its amazing quite how creative and artistic some peoples' imagination is - the local radio suggested that it was just as well they don't drug test the Production and Choreography team!!. Needless to say TV fame didn't come my way as the cameras didn't broadcast me and my corrugated iron sheet. Ahhh.......

    As the Olympics are over, the plan is to get a job, a visa and buy a property.

    Nick Bloom

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