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Important Update on Tier 4 COVID procedures at IBRSC - Travel to the club and duty roster

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    Important: The current rules for sailing at IBRSC. These replace all previously issued advice.

    Yesterday the RYA changed their advice to allow travel between adjacent tier 4 areas. Given this change it is now possible to travel between London and Surrey to come to the sailing club. The emphasis is now on keeping travel for exercise to a short distance, in your local area and within a Tier 4 area. Unfortunately, there is no definition of ‘a short distance’ so everyone travelling will need to assess the risks based on their own situation.

    The term sailing in this communication refers to all on water activity on the reservoir including: dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding

    Before setting out to the club
    If requested, the club is required to provide who has visited the reservoir to the NHS Track and Trace system. Therefore, you must either email before arriving at the club (state the names of those coming, the date and approximate time of visiting) or have the NHS Track and Trace App ready installed on your mobile phone and upon arrival at the club scan our QR/barcode (these are located at the club entrance, around the outside of the clubhouse and the petrol shed).

    Tier 4 travel rules
    Outdoor recreation or exercise should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your Tier 4 area to do so if necessary. See the latest RYA Guidance ( and the UK Government Guidance ( of tier 4 stay at home regulations. It is each individual members responsibility to ensure that they act within the law when assessing if they can attend the club. Those not travelling a short distance or not in a Tier 4 area must not come to the club.

    Duty Cover
    The club will not be providing any duty cover until further notice (those who have volunteered are no longer required complete their duty)
    Sailing or any other water activity will be under the ‘Off Days’ rules. You must have 2 boats on the water (a buddy team).
    Do not sail in groups of more than two boats i.e. the groups of six rule is suspended and all racing is suspended (organised and ad-hoc)
    The Duty Roster has been suspended. To ensure safety on the water please follow these rules:

    • The first buddy team arriving must bring the rescue boat to the T-pontoon by unlocking it with the combi padlock (we will keep the petrol, oar and anchor in the rescue boat)
    • The rescue boat should only be used by a RYA PB2 / RYA Safety Boat qualified member and can only be used for safety / rescue purposes
    • The last buddy team leaving the water club must put away the rescue boat i.e. back out on the mooring (with the petrol, oar and anchor still in the rescue boat) and lock the chain with the combi padlock.

    The inner and outer gates must be locked at all times (this includes Sundays) except when passing through. Please lock them after passing through. Only members should be attending the club.

    Club Boats
    The club boats (Oppies, Toppers, Lasers, RS Fevas, RS200s, RS Visions, Picos and Solos) must not be used until further notice.

    Organised Events
    All organised events for adult sailing are suspended until further notice (this includes the New Year’s Day Hangover Regatta), you may come to the club but to sail for exercise under the ‘off days’ rules as revised in this communication.

    Youth Sailing
    Organised activities for the under 18’s are permitted for members travelling a short distance in the tier 4 area. These must be agreed with the Commodore, Vice Commodore or Sailing Secretary in advance of the activity taking place.

    The club house will remain strictly closed except for the use of the toilets.
    The changing rooms are closed. Come prepared to sail and travel home in your sailing gear.
    We will no longer be providing self-service hot and cold drinks from the entrance of the clubhouse (members should bring their own bottled water / flasks of hot drinks)

    In a medical emergency or similar the club house can be used. I have sent a reminder email to our first aiders and duty team leads on the risks of hypothermia. However, you are sailing at your own risk and the club cannot guarantee a keyholder, duty team lead nor first aider will be present.

    Personal Safety
    The wearing of wet / dry suits are mandatory for anyone going on the water
    Buoyancy aids must be worn by any one on the water, pontoons or beaches
    Do not sail in conditions above your ability, if in doubt … do not sail.
    Do not sail if the wind is gusting above 26 knots
    Sailing must not take place if any part of the reservoir surface becomes frozen over

    Hands – Face – Space
    Maintain your social distancing and keep at least 2 meters apart
    Wash your hands regularly (the club has multiple outdoor wash stations)
    Consider wearing a face mask when on the shore (whilst it is not mandatory to wear a face mask in outdoor spaces they reduce the spread of coronavirus droplets from coughs, sneezes and speaking)

    If you feel unwell do not come to the sailing club.

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