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COVID - Important Changes To Sailing at IBRSC From Wednesday 16th

  • ​​​​​​​tier 2 and 3


    Dear Members

    Yesterday the government announced that most of Surrey would be moved to COVID Tier 3 from this Saturday. Whilst this does not change the rule of not travelling between areas in different tier levels it will make a significant change in who can come to the club. From Saturday only those members living in the Surrey Tier 3 area may attend the club.

    In summary the key changes from the email sent earlier this week are:

    • The sailing club is open to those living in the Surrey Tier 3 area
    •  You must either email before arriving at the club (state the names of those coming, the date and approximate time of visiting) or use the NHS Track and Trace App upon arrival at the club (will have the QR/Barcode for the NHS track and trace app around the club entrance). 
    • The sailing programme will remain unchanged.
    • The duty roster remains largely intact.
    • Can those  members in the Surrey Tier 3 area who have volunteered for duties please attend to perform your duty (unless you are ,unwell or self-isolating)

    In addition to comply with the stricter social distancing rules we will no longer be allowed to have the self-service tea/coffee in the club entrance.

    Thank you for your understanding and should the advice from the Government or RYA change we will act accordingly.

    Nick Marley

    Commodore, IBRSC

    Previous Update, now superseded.


    Yesterday the Government announced that London would be moved into Tier 3 restrictions (COVID-19) effective from Wednesday 16th December. As the sailing club is located in Elmbridge (Surrey) it is not directly effected as we will remain in the Tier 2 level.

    However, as the club is right on the border of London and Surrey with about 50% of the membership living within the new Tier 3 restrictions. Unfortunately, the instruction is that people living in Tier 3 areas are not allowed to travel into Tier 2 areas for sporting activities (see the RYA advice at the end of this message and the exceptions). Therefore;

    If you live within Greater London’s Tier 3 area (or any other Tier 3 area) please do not attend the sailing club until the advice from the Government or RYA changes.

    Organised activities and racing will continue but those wishing to participate will need to help fill the gaps in the duty rotas (please go to the club membership website and volunteer).

    I am aware this will cause a lot of disappointment and sadly for the first time in the Club’s history it divides our membership over access to sailing. But, I am sure we have all seen how fast this virus is spreading over the winter months and we should play our part to help slow down the cases.

    RYA Advice and Exemptions:

    Avoid travel outside of a tier 3 area for sport, unless this is necessary to enable individual exercise (or exercise for people from the same household or support bubble) or to enable sport for disabled people, sport for educational purposes, or supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s, to take place.

    This is further clarified in their FAQ’s document meaning ‘if absolutely necessary’ those living in Tier 3 may travel to the club for the under 18 courses being run at the club. However, they must only participate in under 18 activity and therefore cannot be involved in the adult activity and racing.

    Educational purposes is defined by Sport England as:

    • being organised through a University, college or school
    • part of a course/qualification of the sports governing body (this would mean a RYA sanctioned course to run in the lockdown)

    For more details see:
    RYA Tier Guidance

    Finally, as I live in London I will not be at the club but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email. John Oldham (Vice Commodore) and some other committee members will continue to attend the club to ensure the normal functioning and safety at the site.

    Nick Marley
    Commodore, IBRSC