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Covid Update - Club open with Tier 3 restrictions

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    Edited 18/12/2020 (changes for those living in Tier 3 areas)

    Dear Members

    Thank you for your cooperation during the November lockdown in England. I am pleased to let you know that, following the RYA communication on interpreting the new Covid tiers, the club is able to open.

    The club will be under Tier 3 restrictions. This is the highest level of restrictions so please kee[ to the guidelines. This means:

    • Only those persons living in the Surrey Tier 3 area may attened the sailing club (see Changes to Sailing from 19/12/2020 for more details on Tier 3 and exemptions)
    • The club will open for outdoor activity
    • You must either email before arriving at the club (state the names of those coming, the date and approximate time of visiting) or use the NHS Track and Trace App upon arrival at the club (will have the QR/Barcode for the NHS track and trace app around the club entrance).
    • The rule of six should be adhered to (including training)
    • Keep to 2m social distancing rules
    • Use the NHS track and trace app (scan in with our barcodes located around the club)
    • The club house will be closed for all activities except for the use of the toilets (one person at a time)
    • People must come dressed ready to sail (winter sailing rules still apply) and leave without using the changing rooms.
    • Duty teams will provide racing and safety boat cover on Sundays from approximately 11am to 3pm
    • Club boats can only be used when there is a duty team present
    • Groups of up to 6 boats may sail on the reservoir under the current ‘off day rules’ outside of duty team cover (multiple groups may sail at the same time).
    • Use the hand washing and sanitisers frequently
    • If you feel unwell do not come to the club

    There has been no update from the RYA on double handers sailed by people from different households, therefore we will continue as we were in October i.e. two people may sail in double handers from outside of their household.

    In order for this to work the DUTY ROTA HAS BEEN REINSTATED, so if you volunteered then please do turn up to help. If you volunteered during the lockdown, then it would be really helpful if you could put yourself down for another duty on the membership website.

    The water is now much colder than it was over the summer and it will only continue to get colder over the winter. In addition, the winds, rain and air temperatures will make people colder and become tired quickly. So please do sail within your limits and put your safety and the safety of those around you first.

    If the advice from the Government or RYA should change then we will update these conditions accordingly.

    Finally, I look forward to seeing you at the club.

    Nick Marley

    Commodore, IBRSC

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