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General Committee Meeting - 9 November 2020

  • general committee meeting​​​​​​​

    Apologies: Francesca

    Present: Nick, John, Mike J, Mike B, Uta, Jeff, Gareth, Dave S, Dave B, Dave R, Tessa, Jonathon, Ray, Alexis, Nigel

    Outstanding items

    Containers - (Mike B and Mike J)

    1. Much discussion was held on the containers, their cost and usefulness. It was agreed that the next step forward was to convene a subgroup led by John Oldham to continue the discussion and come to a conclusion on what actions to take next.
    2. The scope of the meeting was widened to be the future of training and what we need to support it
    3. Target date for a decision on containers was set for Jan 2021 committee meeting for then presenting to the AGM in early February
    4. Ventilation quote update and decisions - (Mike J)
    5. Mike Jones presented the options and costs for ventilation. We had 2 quotes both of around £12,000 to give ventilation on both floors of the clubhouse
    6. Given the unpredictable environment caused by lockdowns and alert tiers the committee delayed any decisions on the ventilation until after the new year (Jan/Feb)

    SUP yoga – (Uta G)

    1. A major area of discussion was buoyancy aid and appropriate clothing. The committee determined that a buoyancy aid and wet suit would be required in our winter months from November to May (inclusive). There was not agreement on the requirements for summer. Nick was not happy for anyone to be on the water without some form of buoyancy aid or tether to their board. Uta will discuss with Chloe on the options (different types of buoyancy aids) that could work for her yoga classes
    2. Day membership options (£5) were agreed by the committee to ensure anyone using the water is a temporary member of the club. If it is possible to get yoga students to join as SUP members this would be good for club membership but not a mandatory requirement.
    3. Chole will have her own insurance as an instructor but the yoga students will be covered under the insurance of the club as members. There will need to be a day members log book (or other digital/manual solution) to be signed by each yoga student to ensure they are covered by our insurance

    Sailing Programme

    1. Dave Baldwin agreed find a solution to allow more members (especially those running training courses) to post their events to the club programme on the website but not the printed programme

    Membership fees

    1. It was agreed to increase the cost of membership for non-boat owners to £250 for the 21/22 season. This is the first move in bringing equality to the fees paid by non-boat owners and boat owners. It was agreed that for 22/23 season we would also introduce a charge for non-boat owners to use the club boats. This will be at the same rate as the berth fees (this would bring parity for all members using the water)
    2. Nick will send an email to the membership explaining the increase and the plan for the introduce a club boat fee similar to the berthing fee i.e. the fee structure was last set when the majority of boats were double handers so we had far more crew only seeking membership.
    3. The committee agreed to offer a hardship relief option at the time of renewals the same as this year’s scheme. Nick will send the communication nearer the time.
    4. The club will offer all members an optional discount of 2 months reduction from their membership fee for 21/22 season to reflect the interruption caused to club access due to Covid (this was discussed at the committee earlier in the year)
    5. Overall membership fees will increase with inflation for the 21/22 season

    Areas not discussed and to be carried forward to the next committee meeting:

    1. RYA inspection - (Nigel T)
    2. Keep Sailing - (Nigel T)
    3. Junior Topper Training - (Jonathan L)
    4. Sailing School - (Mike J)
    5. Trysail - (Nick M)

    Meeting frequency

    The committee agreed to return to monthly meeting during the Covid pandemic as we are not able to cover all the topics on our normal quarterly cycle. There was also a request that all meetings are held over the club Zoom account to ensure everyone can access the meeting

    Committee general updates

    1. Commodore – Nick Marley
    2. Vice Commodore – John Oldham
    3. Rear Commodore - House – Mike Barrett
    4. Hon Treasurer -Tessa Groves
    5. Hon Sailing Secretary - Gareth Griffiths
    6. Membership secretary - Dave Baldwin
    7. Rear Commodore works - Dave Simpson & Jeff Davison
    8. Club Development plan 2019/20 – Mike Jones / Nigel Thomson
    9. Social secretary – Mike Jones
    10. Health and safety considerations - Dave Ryder


    Next meetings:

    • December 7th 2021, 7.30pm - Zoom
    • January 4th 2022, 7.30pm – Zoom
    • AGM – February 7th, 2021 2.30pm – location TBC

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