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Children's Christmas Party - 13th December

    his elves, his elks and his grand-elves
    Christmas Party 2020
    invite all the young children of the far-off land of Moseley to an online Christmas party in your own house on
    Sunday, 13th December, at 3.30
    The party starts at 3.30 and finishes at 5.30

    Uta, who is the best children party-giver in the whole of Lapland, has said there will be lots of games, lots of singing and you will be making a Father Christmas from vegetables. There will be prizes. I’m told your Mum and Dad will be making you cakes and trifle. At the end of the party you will each receive a Christmas present from me, which my elves will leave secretly during the party on your front door step. My elves are hard at work making these presents right now.

    Sasa, who happily leads my present-making elves, says please write to her now on with your names, ages and house postal address. Please write to her by November 30.

    Also, please let us know you’ll be attending on-line by using the big red book now buttons above or contacting us on We will send you, on 6th December, an invitation to join us on our Ice Zoom account.

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