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Children's Christmas Party - 19th December

    his elves, his elks and his grand-elves
    Christmas Party 2020
    invite all the young children of the far-off land of Moseley to an online Christmas party in your very cleverly designed sailing club room overlooking the frozen lake, where I will land my sledge and reindeer on

    Sunday, 19th December, at 3.00

    The party starts at 3.00 and finishes at 5.00 when we will take-off from the frozen lake again to fly to Toiletpapercourt.

    There will be lots of games, jellies and cakes. My elves are hard at work making presents, which they are very good at. However, they are pants at wrapping so Mother Christmas and I will be doing this on Saturday evening.

    Mother Christmas who is also making the jelly says it is very important to say you are coming, by telling us your names on line at

    Sasa, who happily leads my present-making elves, says please write to her now on with your names and ages of children.