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National Lockdown - Suspension of all activities at IBRSC

  • covid 19 stay at home

    5th November 2020

    Dear Members

    As you are no doubt aware that from today the country has moved to a national lockdown. The RYA advice just issued (from 4/11/2020) is as follows:

    ‘Outdoor sports centres and amenities (which includes sailing clubs and water sports centres) will have to close’

    See full details as follows:

    RYA FAQs:

    Therefore, the club will be closed with immediate effect until the 2nd of December (subject to any government changes or further clarification from the RYA). No sailing or other water sports will be allowed, including sailing, supping and windsurfing. Also, members are advised to stay away from the club unless absolutely necessary e.g. essential club maintenance or returning/removing boats.

    The RYA have not yet fully concluded their clarification of the lockdown rules with the government (DCMS), so we are monitoring and reviewing this decision based on any further updates and other sailing club’s responses to the lockdown.

    Finally, sorry for leaving it until now for this communication but I have been holding out as we sought clarity on how the lockdown applies to sporting facilities as covered on the Government websites, in the news and the advice from the RYA.

    Nick Marley

    Commodore, IBRSC

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